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async def help(self, ctx, command = None):
prefix = ctx.prefix
if ctx.prefix == "<@424817451293736961> ": prefix = "@AppBot "
if ctx.guild is not None: # If the command was run in a guild
data = await
helpemb = discord.Embed(
Joshuliu /
Created Aug 21, 2018
Other commands that are not necessary for the bot. Github Gists power AppBot's website.

Extra Commands

These commands are not quite necessary, but exist to exist.

Commands Description
about (aliases info, information) Gives some information about the bot.
invite Retrieve an invite to send to others.
donate Receive a donation link.
upvote Receive links to upvote AppBot.
ping Retrieve the bot's response time in milliseconds.
Joshuliu / AppBot
Last active Aug 21, 2018
AppBot Documentation Main Page. Github Gists power AppBot's website.
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AppBot Documentation

Welcome to AppBot's documentation! For people who don't know, documentation basically just means how to use the bot. This means what all the commands are, and what they do. The default prefix is / and AppBot mention (@AppBot), but you can always customize it in /config.


AppBot can be divided into 4 main parts: The application configuration, reviewing applications, members applying, and other extra commands. The configuration menu will be the most information to cover, as it allows you to set up almost anything. Create applications, setting up channels, working with permissions, bot settings, and plenty of other features can all be done here. Everything else should be a lot simpler and easy to get used to.

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Joshuliu /
Last active Aug 22, 2018
How members can apply for various positions. Github Gists power AppBot's website.

Member Commands

All users without either the Administrator permission, or without the application editing/reviewing role (if set) are considered members.

Applying for a position, Registering to a server, Submitting a report application

There are three types of application types - apply, register, and report. Based off of what the bot is used for, the command may alter for your server.


Apply for a position in your server. E.g. apply for moderator.


Register into the server. E.g. register to access a server.


Joshuliu /
Last active Aug 21, 2018
How to review members using AppBot. Github Gists power AppBot's Documentation.

Reviewing Members

There are a two ways to review members. We will go over them one by one.

/review @member

Review a specific by mentioning him or her. Note that this does not need to be a mention. You can use the member's name, name#discrim, nickname, nickname#discrim, user ID, or user mention. Action If everything worked as planned, the bot will send the user's application along with this embed message. You have 3 choices here - Accept the app, deny the app, or ignore the app. Use reactions to make a decision.


Typing /review by itself makes the bot pull up a menu allowing you to review members in different ways. Depending on who applied and what applications there are, your menu may look a little different. Review Menu Each menu item performs a different task. Use reactions to select your action.

Joshuliu /
Last active Aug 21, 2018
How to configure the bot with AppBot. Github Gists power AppBot's website.


The configuration command allows administrators and specific roles to create, edit, and delete applications. It also allows members to set up channels for logging, various permissions, bot settings, and much more.


Alias: /configuration

To start, type /config in your server. You must have the administrator permission, or an application editing role in order to run this command. If you have just added the bot and/or have not created any applications, the bot will DM you with this message: Start The bot will guide you through the process of creating your first application. Answer the questions in the DM with the bot. After you've finished, typing /config will let you see the menu below. If you've previously created an application, you will also see this menu. Configuration This menu consists of 5 menu items - Application Settings, Channels and Permissions, Bot Settings, Reset, and Exit. Use reactions to

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When to use @everyone and @here

A lot of people like to use @everyone or @here, but I want people to know when to use it. Some servers use it all the time, but other servers don't. I'd like to take the time to explain what I believe is the most effective way to use @everyone/@here.

What does @everyone/@here do?

To put it in a sentence, @everyone gives a notification to every single member in your server, online or offline, while @here gives a notification to all members of your server that are online.

Because of how many people this command can give notifications to, it's been added to the list of toggleable permissions in Discord. If you are going to ping everyone, you'd also need to have the permission to do so.

Joshuliu / style.css
Created Apr 15, 2018
Styling for AppBot's DiscordBots site
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background-image: url('') !important;
#menu {
background-color: #3498db;
.container {
border-top: 0px !important;
border-bottom: 0px !important;

Tmux Guide

Tmux is useful in VPSes because it allows scripts and programs to run 24/7, even when you're disconnected from the VPS. You can have multiple sessions running different scripts simutaneously.

Create a new tmux Session:

tmux new -s SessionName

Attach to a Session

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