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Created July 1, 2016 20:54
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// Theoretical LINQ code to perform a JOIN against a relational database.
public RecipeViewModel GetRecipeDetails(string recipeId)
var recipeViewModel = from recipe in dbContext.Recipes
where recipe.Id == 42
join chef in dbContext.Chefs on chef.Id equals recipe.ChefId
let ingredients = dbContext.Ingredients.Where(i => i.RecipeId == recipe.Id)
let comments = dbContext.Comments.Where(c => c.RecipeId == recipe.Id)
let categories = dbContext.Categories.Where(c => c.RecipeId == recipeId)
select new RecipeViewModel
RecipeId = recipe.Id
Name = recipe.Name,
PictureUrl = recipe.PictureUrl,
Categories = categories.Select(c => c.Name).ToList(),
ChefEmail = chef.Email,
ChefName = chef.Name,
Ingredients = ingredients.ToList(),
Comments = comments.ToList()
return recipeViewModel;
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