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Juddd /
Created Aug 16, 2019
Add-on for Anki 2.1 to supplement the Mini Format Pack
from anki.hooks import addHook
import os.path
import json
import re
def escape_html_chars(s):
html_escape_table = {
"&": "&",
'"': """,
Juddd /
Created Jan 13, 2018 — forked from nepsilon/
How to change your commit messages in Git? — First published in issue #55

How to change your commit messages in Git?

At some point you’ll find yourself in a situation where you need edit a commit message. That commit might already be pushed or not, be the most recent or burried below 10 other commits, but fear not, git has your back 🙂.

Not pushed + most recent commit:

git commit --amend

This will open your $EDITOR and let you change the message. Continue with your usual git push origin master.

Juddd / share.nb
Created Oct 18, 2016
You can use it in Mathematica.The function can convert everyting into a expression including Pictrue bed link.
View share.nb
ShareAny[expr_] :=
Module[{list, imageWidth, imageHeight, n},
list = ToCharacterCode[Compress[expr]];
imageHeight} = {If[(n = Ceiling[Sqrt[Length[list]/3]])*(n - 1) >
Length[list]/3, n - 1, n], n};
The following expression to share is in your clipboard., 11,
Red]]; (CopyToClipboard@#; #) &[
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