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Created August 17, 2011 06:47
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Wormly API - manipulate alert recipients
# Choose a host which is configured to use host-specific alert recipients.
# You will find the Host ID in small gray text next to its' name on the
# Host Overview page (
# Now, prepare some environment variables:
export HOSTID=12345
export WORMLY_API_KEY=<Insert your API key here>
# First, check to see if you can read the alert matrix
# for the host you chose:
curl --silent "$WORMLY_API_KEY&response=xml&cmd=getAlertMatrix&mode=HOST&hostid=$HOSTID"
# You should see a small XML document with a <matrix> element
# Keep an eye out for errors - remember that the host you select
# must be configured with host-specific alert recipients
# Now we'll fetch the alert matrix from the API and store it
# in an environment variable:
export ALERTMATRIX=`curl --silent "$WORMLY_API_KEY&response=php&cmd=getAlertMatrix&mode=HOST&hostid=$HOSTID" | \
php -r 'echo unserialize(file_get_contents("php://stdin"))->matrix;'`
# Verify that the matrix was successfully retreived and stored:
# Now, find the ID of the host to which we want to apply this alert matrix:
export HOSTID=98765
# And make the setAlertMatrix API call:
curl -i --silent "$WORMLY_API_KEY&response=xml&cmd=setAlertMatrix&mode=HOST&hostid=$HOSTID" \
--data-urlencode matrix=$ALERTMATRIX
# Again, keep an eye out for a 200 OK response code,
# otherwise inspect the error message.
# Verify that the change was made:
curl --silent "$WORMLY_API_KEY&response=xml&cmd=getAlertMatrix&mode=HOST&hostid=$HOSTID"
# You can also verify the change within the Wormly web interface.
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