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JustEndMyLife/wfg Secret

Last active Jul 25, 2020
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WFG Filters

Filters For /wfg/

Zero Tolerance Edition

Filters Have Been Updated: (07/25/2020)
Update History

Quick Info: All filters are combined for conveniency. If you want to be selective, sections of the filters are labeled CASE and given a number. Scroll all the way down if you want to know which CASE set of filters you require. The filters' job is to negate derailment of /wfg/ general threads from both:

The Cause: "The source of the problem"
The Echo: "Whether it's Negative or ironic Positive these post will signal boost 'The Cause'"

These were designed to ONLY work on /vg/. remove ;boards:vg from the filter to use else where if you find them useful for other things. Take off the [#] to toggle the optional filters.

￵ ￵￵ ￵ ￵￵ ￵ ￵

4CHAN X – Filters

S || S ￵|| S || S

If you already have 4chanX the buttons above will direct you to a list of filters for 4 categories.
The iDeone [copy] button will take the filter list into your clipboard so it can be easily pasted into your settings.

If you do not have 4chanX...

  • Go to the 4chanX site
  • Follow the directions to install the script/addon
  • Go to Settings > Filter > Dropdown Menu where it says 'Guide' OR you can Follow this
  • Copy and paste filters into their respective categories and refresh the page


TL:DR A sperg or a group of spergs that break anonymity by sameposting, threadly spam of the same words or images constantly, ip hopping as their previous posts got them banned or avatarposting

Image 1 || Image 2 || Image 3 || Chart of forced early threads || How bad can it get?

These are just general purpose filters to clean /wfg/ up.
The people that make these types of posts eventually take their leave if moderators step in.

  • Stop replying to their posts
  • Avoid webms with metadata titles as simple as 'warframe'
  • Avoid simulacrum webms that have purposely low framerate, bitrate, and are grayscaled
  • Avoid posts being deleted minutes after being posted. A mod's chain delete takes posts all out at once


TL:DR A sperg that tried to shove a biased tierlist down the general's throat followed by sameposting, personal opinion spam no one agreed with and avatarposting.

Who is Tierqueer/TQ/BPNPC || Rule Break Picture || "Only my opinions matter"
Sameposting || How bad can it get? || Want to learn more?
/qa/ threads: Thread 1 || Thread 2

  • Watch out for bait example 1 || example 2
  • Avoid meaningless aurgments that seems to keep getting dragged through consecutive threads
  • Avoid post pictures with obsessive amounts of underscores and/or shitty anime girls
  • He is willing to call himself 'TQ' and samepost his own posts even after hours of it being posted
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