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Justin Hammond Justintime50

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Justintime50 / postal-codes.json
Created Jun 27, 2021 — forked from jamesbar2/postal-codes.json
Global postal codes regex formats
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"Note": "The first two digits (ranging from 10–43) correspond to the province, while the last two digits correspond either to the city/delivery zone (range 01–50) or to the district/delivery zone (range 51–99). Afghanistan Postal code lookup",
"Country": "Afghanistan",
"ISO": "AF",
"Format": "NNNN",
"Regex": "^\\d{4}$"
}, {
"Note": "With Finland, first two numbers are 22.",
"Country": "Åland Islands",
"ISO": "AX",
Justintime50 / es5-es6-js-imports.txt
Created Jun 21, 2021
Examples of ES6 to ES5 Javascript Imports
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import moment from "moment";
=> const moment = require("moment");
import React from "react";
=> const React = require("react");
import text from "../../helpers/text";
=> const text = require("../../helpers/text");
import Button from "../../elements/buttons/Button";
Justintime50 /
Created May 23, 2021
Learn how to install PHP's Xdebug on macOS.

Install Xdebug on macOS

Installing Xdebug on macOS has changed a lot through the years. The most recent workflow to accomplish this is as follows:

# Install PHP
brew install php
# brew install php@7.4

# Install GNU `sed` and `grep`, installer will fail without them
Justintime50 /
Created May 23, 2021
Find your php.ini File

Find your php.ini File

I always forget where my php.ini file is and which one is configured. Use the following command to find it:

php -i | grep php.ini

# Output
Configuration File (php.ini) Path => /usr/local/etc/php/7.4
Loaded Configuration File => /usr/local/etc/php/7.4/php.ini

Import SQL into a Docker Container

Need to import SQL into a Docker container? Use this simple command:

Justintime50 /
Created Apr 13, 2021
Grab the remote repo's default branch name

Grab a Remote Repo's Default Branch Name

git remote show REMOTE_REPO_NAME | grep 'HEAD branch' | cut -d' ' -f5
Justintime50 /
Created Apr 10, 2021
An example of how to limit concurrent threads in Python
import time
from threading import BoundedSemaphore, Thread
def main():
max_num_threads = 100
thread_limiter = BoundedSemaphore(max_num_threads)
# OS's have limits on the number of threads that can be opened at once,
# be aware of that with this number (eg: don't try something like 10,000+)
Justintime50 /
Created Apr 7, 2021
Print debugging in Python

Print Debugging in Python

If ever you need to debug in Python, add the following where you'd like to start debugging.

import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
Justintime50 /
Created Apr 6, 2021
# Prints the local branches of your git repos to console. Perfect for helping clean up
# Prints the local branches of your git repos to console. Perfect for helping clean up
# USAGE: "$HOME/git"
main() {
echo "Getting branches of each project"
check_git_branches "$1"
Justintime50 / emotify.js
Created Mar 8, 2021
Make emoticons from letters, great for Slack messages
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// Make emoticons from your letters for Slack
let words = "Alright fine, I did the needful and joined you.";
words = words.replace(/[.,/#!$%^&*;:{}=\-_`'~()]/g, "")
function emotify() {
let w = words.split("");
for (let i = 0; i < w.length; i++) {
if (w[i] !== " ") {
w[i] = ":cs-" + w[i] + ":"