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How to install install LineageOS on a 2015 7" Amazon Fire tablet

This is a guide for getting LineageOS (an older and unofficial version) onto an Amazon Fire 2015 7" tablet (also known as the 5th generation 7" Amazon Fire or under the internal codename "ford").

NOTE: This guide was originally written before someone figured out how to unlock the bootloader. There is now a newer method. Here it is very briefly. The old guide can be found below.

Unlocked bootloader method

First unlock the bootloader using this guide.

Once you're booted into TWRP download the latest LineageOS 14 release for your device here.

You can also instead use the LineageOS 12 release which is probably more stable. In that case don't install the fixes listed below.

Note that there is mention of the headphone plug not working in 14.1. I found that it worked fine for me though.

Install the zip file from TWRP using adb sideload. You can use the method from here. Though to boot into TWRP you just need to hold down the left volume button during boot.

Then without rebooting install the latest Magisk (not Magisk Manager) from here again using adb sideload. Never use the Magisk Manager app to update Magisk. Only update it from within TWRP.

Before rebooting, install these fixes. If you are installing a version later than the August 2019 release then this guide may be out of date and the following fixes may not apply. Do your own research.


There were are a few issues with the release as of August 2019. I installed the following fixes:

Again using adb sideload in TWRP. Again you can install these before the first reboot into your new system.

Now reboot and wait. The first boot will take a looong time.

See my list of recommended apps at the bottom of the old guide.

Old guide

This is for FireOS version

For 5.3.2 see this video first to downgrade to

First, disable WiFi.

Enable developer options by tapping the version/build number in settings multiple times Then enable ADB in developer settings Enable installing from untrusted sources under security

Download from

Unzip the file and run

If you're curious, this script runs the following commands (with appropriate pauses):

# restart adb server to ensure that device is connected
sudo adb kill-server 
sudo adb start-server 

# install kingroot app
sudo adb install -r apps/Kingroot.apk

# install supersu app
sudo adb push apps/mrw /sdcard/mrw
sudo adb shell su -c "chmod 777 /cache"
sudo adb shell su -c "chmod 777 /cache"
sudo adb shell su -c "sh /sdcard/mrw/"

Select the "Root device" option.

Once KingRoot runs you will have to enable WiFi.

KingRoot may reboot your device multiple times. This is normal.

KingRoot may fail and you may have to run it two or three times before it succeeds. This is normal.

As soon as KingRoot succeeds, disable WiFi.

SuperSU asks to install using TWRP or normal. Select normal.

SuperSU asks if you want to remove other root apps. Click yes.

Download FlashFire from I used version 0.73 since it was the latest.

Install from connected computer using adb install <filename.apk>

Download the LineageOS rom from:

Copy the LineageOS zip file to the tablet: adb push <> /mnt/sdcard/Download

Follow instructions under "Fresh installation from FireOS or other ROM FlashFire >= 0.58" but skip the G Apps (unless you want google apps and services).

You now have LineageOS!

After running through the first-boot setup wizard, go to settings and enable installation of apps from unknown sources.

Also in settings, enable developer options, then root access from both adb and apps. Enable adb if it's not already enabled.

Run the following on your computer:

adb kill-server
adb start-server

Then accept the confirmation dialog on the tablet.

Download F-droid from onto your computer and install using: adb install <filename.apk>

That's it!

Recommended F-droid apps:

  • Fennec F-Droid # browser (re-branded firefox)
  • VLC # media player
  • Red Moon # blue light filter
  • NewPipe # watch and download youtube video and audio (no ads)
  • MuPDF viewer # read PDFs
  • Book Reader # read ebooks
  • Rocket.Chat # like IRC
  • WeeChat # connect to WeeChat (IRC) client running on a web server
  • Voice # audiobook reader
  • Syncthing # p2p syncronization between your devices
  • LibreTorrent # torrent client
  • Sound recorder # record audio

Recommended other apps:

  • Signal Messenger # secure messenging, get APK from official website
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muxlux commented Apr 9, 2019

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ghost commented Dec 18, 2019

Hi(excuse the profile pic, had to sign in to comment)! So, I did the tutorial on my device(one mentioned in title), and it all went well(for the most part). The only issue I have is that the custom build of LineageOS you provided a link to isn't reading my SD card at all(if I need to report this to someone else, let me know). It worked on Fire OS before flashing the rom, and it reads in my computer fine. So I'm not really sure why it's not working. Let me know if you get similar results, and if they're is any solution!

*Currently on Lineage 14

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ghost commented Dec 18, 2019

Nevermind, I checked the link, and it appears that's where you post bugs, and it's already been posted as well. Thanks for taking time to read this though!

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zbrasseaux commented Jan 28, 2022

are there more updated versions of lineage os for the kindle at this point? I'm planning on tackling this this weekend and want to make sure I'm as up to date as i can be

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RobotsAreCrazy commented Feb 24, 2022

Hi, how do you know which generation of tablet you have between austin and ford? thnx

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jrl1644 commented Mar 12, 2022

I have followed the guide to unlock bootloader on Kindle 7 5th Gen with newest Kindle OS to date. I was able to unlock bootloader install TWRP and LineageOS 14.1 without issue. I am new to this and have not done much yet. But thought I would update that the guide still is useful even with updated KindleOS.
Now to find how to install google play....

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goolash761 commented Mar 13, 2022

In the linked bootloader guide, it has instructions on backdating the bootloader. Using those instead of shorting the pins bricked my fire because the link is to the wrong firmware version, one that is too new. It now does not respond to any outside signals, even with a fastboot cable.

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jrl1644 commented Mar 13, 2022

I see. I used the pin shorting method on the newest FW. Thank you for specifying your method.

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goolash761 commented Mar 22, 2022

While trying the pin short method on an old, broken screen device, I discovered the best results come from shorting to the metal frame that supports the heat shield. Doing that not only worked on the broken screen device, but also unbricked the previously mentioned device. I highly recommend using the shorting method over downgrading the bootloader. It is much easier with a proper tool for opening the case.

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