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Word search
defmodule Dictionary do
@moduledoc """
A Trie based approach to the dictionary.
defstruct words: %{}
@terminatior "."
def new(), do: %Dictionary{}
@spec add_word(Dictionary.t(), String.t()) :: Dictionary.t()
def add_word(%Dictionary{words: words}, word) do
%Dictionary{words: map_add(words, word)}
# Base case for add handler. If the word we're adding is only one letter long.
# We add it, and a terminator as one of its children.
defp map_add(words, <<letter::bytes-size(1)>>) do
children = words |> Map.get(letter, %{}) |> Map.put(@terminatior, %{})
Map.put(words, letter, children)
# Peel off the first letter of the word we're adding.
# Add it to the map, then recursively add the rest of the letters as its children.
defp map_add(words, <<letter::bytes-size(1)>> <> rest) do
children = words |> Map.get(letter, %{}) |> map_add(rest)
Map.put(words, letter, children)
@spec search(Dictionary.t(), String.t()) :: boolean()
def search(%Dictionary{words: words}, word), do: map_search(words, word)
# Base handler, we can't find anything if there are no words in the dictionary.
defp map_search(letters, _word) when map_size(letters) == 0, do: false
# If we're searching for an empty string, check if there's a terminator in the
# current layer.
defp map_search(letters, "") do
Map.has_key?(letters, @terminatior)
# If the letter we're checking for is a wildcard, we have to check the children
# of all the nodes in the current layer.
defp map_search(letters, "." <> rest) do
Enum.reduce_while(letters, false, fn {_letter, children}, _acc ->
case map_search(children, rest) do
true -> {:halt, true}
_ -> {:cont, false}
# Finallly, we sure the letter we're looking for exists in the current layer.
defp map_search(letters, <<letter::bytes-size(1)>> <> rest) do
children = Map.get(letters, letter, nil)
case children do
nil -> false
_ -> map_search(children, rest)
IO.puts("Searching 'hello' -> #{, "hello")}")
dict =
|> Dictionary.add_word("bad")
|> Dictionary.add_word("mad")
|> Dictionary.add_word("dad")
IO.puts("Searching 'pad' -> #{, "pad")}")
IO.puts("Searching 'bad' -> #{, "bad")}")
IO.puts("Searching '.ad' -> #{, ".ad")}")
IO.puts("Searching 'b..' -> #{, "b..")}")
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