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Created March 29, 2022 06:23
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Add Time to Recent Post Widgets Extended (RPWE) WordPress plugin output (uses Simple HTML DOM PHP [1.9.1 here] to aid in the HTML traversing & insertion])
// Add Simple HTML DOM for PHP-based HTML/DOM Traversal
include 'include/simple_html_dom.php';
// Add Time info to Recent Post Widgets Extended output (add after date)
function add_time_to_rpwe_markup($html,$args){
$html = str_get_html($html);
foreach($html->find('.rpwe-title a') as $title_link){
$permalink = $title_link->href;
$post_id = url_to_postid($permalink);
$time = get_the_date( 'g:i A', $post_id );
$title_tag = $title_link->parent();
$post_element = $title_tag->parent();
foreach($post_element->find('.rpwe-time') as $time_element){
$time_element_innerhtml = $time_element->innertext;
$time_element->innertext = $time_element_innerhtml.' '.$time;
$html_output = $html; // Convert back to string
return $html_output;
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