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Last active November 20, 2021 03:17
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Project summary, GSoC 19, LibreOffice Online Android Application

LibreOffice Online Android Application Improvements (GSoC 2019)


The main aim of the project was to improve the LibreOffice's Online implementation over Android by adding new features to the document viewer, fixing the most annoying bugs and enhancing the overall UI/UX on the basis of design and performance.

My Contributions:

Features added/ported from core app:-

  • ownCloud support: The user can now import the documents from the ownCloud server and view/edit those.
  • Stand alone document viewer: This will allow to open the documents from anywhere, i.e. the user can use any file browser to open the document.
  • Print support: One can print the document with the printer connected to the same network.
  • SlideShow support: The user can view the document in the full-screen mode.
  • Insert Image in the document: This will allow to insert the image in the document from the phone's gallery.
  • Share document: The user can use the existing messaging applications to share the document from the LibreOffice.
  • Save_As the document: By this, one can make the fresh copy of the document anywhere in the storage media.
  • Add rationale dialog for permissions: To give the better understanding of a particular permission.
  • Launcher shortcuts support for api > 24: The user can open the recent documents from the launcher(Only if the laucher supports the shortcut feature).
  • Support for other document formats in save_as and share feature: The user can choose the format of the document in which he/she wants to share/save it.

Minor Changes:-

  • addition of no_recent_items/no_items msg.
  • convertion of the remaining explicit intents to implicit intents.
  • preservation of the state of the MainActivity upon restart
  • replacement of PreferenceFragment with PreferenceFragmentCompat(because the former one is depricated)
  • addition of cut, copy, paste support to document viewer.
  • addition of the support for screen dimming from JS.

Bugs fixes:-

  • order of elements in 'AndroidManifest.xml' as per guidelines and icon of the android app wasn't reflecting in the launcher
  • setting all default values to setting preference
  • ArrayIndexOutOfBounds on selecting 'Drawings' in DefaultFileFilter setting
  • update handling of the storage permission.
  • keyboard popping out on clicking edit button.
  • contextToolbar's cut, paste without editing permission bug.


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