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Lab Reports

Here is a list of lab reports, organized by vendor and batch. The link to the original page is provided, along with related links. I have saved as much as possible in case the original links 404. As I get more reports, I will fill out this page further.

If you have any reports, please send them to /u/KamajiTheBoiler on reddit. If you are considering getting your stuff lab tested, please do and share the results. You are helping everybody.

On trusting lab reports:

The bottom line is that can mostly trust these lab reports, but the only way to be certain is to send in a test for every batch you buy and know for yourself what you bought. We have no idea if Energy Control is lying to us, we're forced to trust them for the time being.

Vendor Ratings:

Vendor ratings attempt to be as objective as possible. Vendors are listed in order of rating. Grey vendors indicate uncertainty, either because of weird impurities, uncommon drugs, or untrusted results.

  • 'A' is handed out for vendors who consistently sell exactly what they are claiming at exactly the dose they claim. +/- 10% is okay.
  • 'B' is for vendors who frequently underpower their substance, but not substantially. +15% or -25% is okay.
  • 'C' is for vendors who frequently and substantially underpower their substance, and for vendors who overpower their substance, but not substantially. +20% and -50% is okay.
  • 'D' is for vendors who are wildly erratic in their dosage, but still sell the product they claim to sell. 'D' is also for vendors who substantially overpower their substance. (overdoses are bad). +50% and -75% is okay.
  • 'F' is for vendors who cut their product with additional chemicals or outright lie about what they are selling. If you buy from an 'F' vendor, you have no idea what you're getting. It is generally unsafe/dangerous to order from an 'F' vendor.
Peaceful: A-
Cali Connection: C+
Instrument: C
Blue Viking: C
DHLabs: C
Tessellated: C
Purple Lab: D
Best Blow : F
Real Dope: F
Discover: F
Dbaggins: F
Listonishere: A
Sensi: A-
Marcel Ketelman: B+
NLShop: B+
Urban Druid: B+
CocaParis: B+
TripWithScience: B
Top Gear UK: C

Is your favorite vendor lacking test results? Provide one by following this guide:

Lab Results

Vendors are orderd by the consistency of their reports. The vendors listed first have positive results, those listed later have less positive results. Vendors not listed have not been tested. Vendors are not ranked by price, stealth, customer service, or any metric other than the test results. Within each vendor, results are listed by date (recent first).





Unverified Lab Results

Verified lab results come with fancy diagrams and some indication of legitimacy. Unverified results come from text posts, and require trusting the poster. While it is also possible to spoof 'verified' lab reports, spoofing an unverified result is as simple as making numbers up.






###Liquid Psylocybin

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