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// NavigationControllerSwiftUI.swift
// Created by Kanishka on 17/11/21.
// More:
import SwiftUI
import UIKit
// Reference:
struct NavigationController {
Kanishka3 / .html
Created August 6, 2017 15:14
This is for Ralasi Webpad
<h1> About-Me </h1>
<p> <b style="background-color: gray;">Passion: </b> Computers, Programming, Writing, Changing the world, Innovating.</p>
<p> <b style="background-color: gray;">Dream and Destiny:</b> To change the world with computers, to put a dent in universe, simplify the life of people
to a very easy life where they can sustain great and can be at their best level. </p>
<p> <b style="background-color: gray;">
Kanishka3 / first.js
Created May 15, 2017 07:02
First JavaScript
console.log('This is github and I love it because it is easy to use. This is my first JavaScript');
name = age.chomp
Enter your name in this box apeared for example "Richard" or "Tim"
It may be yours
puts "You are #{name} and you are on Github, one of the biggest coding community of US (United States)."
Kanishka3 / myFirst.html
Last active April 17, 2017 08:53
This is one paragraph written on HTML
<title> My First Github </title>
<h3> <p> I am Kanishka Williamson. I had learned HTML and PHP on <a> Solo Learn </a>. I am an Indian
and I am inspired by <strong>Steve Jobs </strong> and Bill Gates and Elon Musk.</h3> </p>