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Kapulara/output.log Secret

Created May 22, 2021
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sentry-cli releases files v1.2.5 upload-sourcemaps -v --rewrite --url-prefix "~/" sourcemaps --validate
> Found 19 release files
> Analyzing 19 sources
> Rewriting sources
> Adding source map references
> Validating sources
> Bundled 19 files for upload
> Uploaded release files to Sentry
> File upload complete (processing pending on server)
Source Map Upload Report
Minified Scripts
~/main.fbfd76fba275c943a268.js (sourcemap at
~/modules-library-library-module.12a789c54cd196cf5f72.js (sourcemap at
~/modules-moderator-moderator-module.c1483c9aa40553c59a32.js (sourcemap at
~/modules-recorder-recorder-module.630be6a32b50ecb5ecd0.js (sourcemap at
~/modules-school-school-module.0b017cd06790c2690749.js (sourcemap at
~/modules-student-student-module.79f032774ed21f4a44f9.js (sourcemap at
~/polyfills.168627422fb4fae9d54d.js (sourcemap at
~/runtime.e83690768cdf1427e96e.js (sourcemap at
Source Maps
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