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Git cheatsheet


  • git checkout -b __newbranch__ : get a new branch and switch to it
  • git checkout -b __branchname__ / __branchname__ : get a local copy of a remote existing branch
  • git checkout __branchname__ : switch branch
  • git checkout --orphan __branchname__ : create branch without full history
  • git log -n X -p : show X last commits with diffs
  • git log __branchA__ ^__branchB__ : commits in branch A that aren't in branch B
  • git log --pretty=oneline --stat --all __foldername__ : modified files under a given folder
  • git fetch
  • git pull origin __branchname__
  • git pull --rebase: Avoid having a merge commit if you had changes and origin had commits too (rewrites your local history)
  • git merge --no-ff __sourcebranch__ : merge into current branch source one without rebase/FF
  • git push origin __destinationbranch__ : push merges/changesets to a branch
  • git push origin __destinationbranch__ --force-with-lease : push merges/changesets to a branch. If remote had different commits not in local, fails and does not push. Safer than --force which would override remote commits.
  • git remote show origin : display the path of the repository
  • git remote set-url origin xxx : Change remote URI to xxx
  • git remote rm origin : Remove remote URI
  • git remote add origin<path>.git: replace the origin remote URI. Need to firstgit remote rm origin to remove the previous one.
  • git git remote add <user><user>/<path>: add <user> fork to a repository as a remote. When pushing changes afterwards to that remote, Github will propose you to create a pull request directly from the fork remote towards the original remote.
  • git add xxx : add files (use . for everything, folder/.. for folder recursive children)
  • git commit : commit changes
  • git status : show status of uncommited files
  • git checkout __file__ : revert a file
  • git checkout __branchname__ __file__ : Checkout all changes to file from branch branchname into current
  • git checkout __revision__ . : revert a full branch to specified revision if not commited
  • git revert __commit1__ __commit2__ ...: Reverts certain commits if commited
  • git clean -f : remove all local uncommited modifications
  • git branch : display local branches, active one is with a *
  • git diff : Show changes in files
  • git diff __branch__ origin/__remotebranch__ : show a diff between a local branch and a remote one
  • git rebase __branchname__ : rebases current branch with specified branch (fetches remote branch changes and then adds yours at the tip)
  • git rebase -i __branchname__: rebases currrent branch with specified branch, allowing you to reorder changes
  • git rm __filename__ : delete a file from branch and filesystem
  • git branch -d __branchname__ : delete a local branch
  • git push origin --delete __branchname__ : delete a remote brach
  • gitk __filename__ : show visual git log
  • git reset __revision__ .: revert a full branch to specified revision if commited
  • git reset --soft HEAD~1 : reset to last commit (even if pushed). Can re-commit stuff but if already pushed will need to push with --force.
  • git reset --hard HEAD^: forcibly resets to the branch's head, discarding any commit.
  • git reset --soft <new-root-sha1> && git commit --amend -m "<new message>" && git push --force: squash all branch pushed commits previous to the one specified into a single commit with the desired new message.
  • git log origin/__branchname__..__branchname__ : Show diff between local commits and remote commits
  • git config --list : List currently setup config values
  • git config --global "Kartones" : Setup global user name
  • git config --global "" : Setup global user email
  • git config --global credential.helper 'cache --timeout=28800' : Make git cache credentials for 8 hours
  • git config --global color.ui true : Activate colors in diffs, etc.
  • git config --global core.autocrlf true : Fix Convert newlines to Unix-style ones (Windows)
  • git config --global core.autocrlf input : Fix Convert newlines to Unix-style ones (Unix)*
  • git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore : Instruct git to always ignore patterns defined at ~/.gitignore
  • git config --global pager.log 'diff-highlight | less': Better diff highlighting (same for 3 following options)
  • git config --global 'diff-highlight | less'
  • git config --global pager.diff 'diff-highlight | less'
  • git config --global interactive.diffFilter diff-highlight
  • git submodule update --init --recursive : Init and update all submodules
  • git submodule init && git submodule update : Retrieve and update all submodules (alt)
  • Switch from current branch having a submodule to a branch without it:
rm -Rf __submoduledir__
git reset && git checkout .
git checkout __branchname__
  • git pull __branchname__: Merge a pull request to local branch
  • git stash: Stash current changes
  • git stash apply: Unstash and merge stored changes
  • git checkout --theirs xxxx git checkout --ours xxxx: Keep changes from incoming branch or local one, respectively.
  • git blame -M: Blames original commit, not the move commit
  • git blame -CCC: Looks at all commits in history
  • git cherry-pick __commit__: merges and commits a specific commit to current branch
  • git reflog + git reset HEAD@__commit__: show all changes on all branches and revert to a specific one
  • git commit --amend: Squash a change on previous commit and change the commit message
  • git diff --staged: Show both staged and unstaged changes that you will commit
  • Undo a commit removing it from history:
git reset --hard HEAD~1
# your new commit here
git push origin <branch> --force
  • Tag any commit of a repo (e.g. with a certain version):
git tag <label> <commit-id>
git push origin <label>
  • Syncing a fork (first configure remote upstream)
  • Apply a .diff file: git apply <filename>.diff
  • Push to a different remote branch: git push origin <localb-ranch>:<remote-branch>
  • Rename a branch: git branch -m <old-name> <new-name>
  • git commit --no-verify ...: With great power comes great responsibility. This flag disables all commit hooks, so use it only when really in need.


Third-party Tools

  • tig: to navigate commits & branches
  • Github:
    • Additionally, filter to things assigned to me or involving me:


Git conceptual model (source:


xkcd: Git


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Kartones commented Sep 13, 2016

Added some nice commands seen at Oh shit, git!

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