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"Thy Dungeonman - Part Deux" by TK
Book 1 - Items, definitions, and other folderol
Part 1 - Meta stuff
Rule for printing a parser error:
say "wat?" instead.
A thing can be ungettable. Instead of taking an ungettable thing: say "You can't get [noun]."; rule fails.
Chapter 1 - Insults
[These should all be capitalized]
Table of intelligence insults
Table of behavior insults
To say intelligence insult:
choose a random row in the table of intelligence insults; say "[response entry]".
To say behavior insult:
choose a random row in the table of behavior insults; say "[response entry]".
Chapter 2 - Animals, creatures, flora, fauna, etc
A monster is a kind of animal. A monster can be smelly. A monster usually is smelly.
Chapter 3 - Danger Stuff
[The "danger rule"]
A dangometer is a kind of device. The description of the dangometer is "The dangometer is a a thin strip of black plastic, sporting a small brass antenna and a small digital display with red letters. The display, so you're told, indicates how dangerous your surroundings are. 0 is 'completely safe' and 10 is 'imminent death'."
A room has a number called danger level. The danger level of a room is usually 0.
A room has a number called original danger level that varies.
A room can be increasingly dangerous.
Definition: A room is safe if its danger level is 0.
Definition: A room is dangerous if its danger level is 1 or more.
Definition: A room is deadly if its danger level is 9 or more.
Every turn while the player is in an increasingly dangerous room (this is the increasing danger rule):
Increase danger level of the location by 1.
Every turn (this is the dangometer rule):
If player carries a switched on dangometer:
say "The dangometer in your pocket beeps. Upon checking it, the display reads: [danger level of the location]".
Chapter 4 - Random Items
[Hoky smokes!]
A cigarette is a kind of thing. A cigarette is either lit, smoked, or unsmoked. A cigarette can be burned. The description is "A single 100cm cigarette. These things aren't good for you!". A cigarette has a number called burn time. Burn time is usually 4. A cigarette can be littered or unlittered. A cigarette is usually unlittered.
The pack is a container. It contains 20 cigarettes. The description of a pack is "A 20-count pack of smokes. On the front is a blue, cloudy planet like earth, but with no land or water, only white clouds on a blue backdrop. Strange. Under that, in bold, blue letters is 'Skaia Light 100s'. You've never heard of this brand before in your life." The printed name of the pack is "pack of cigarettes". A pack can be burned.
Instead of dropping a smoked cigarette:
if the noun is littered:
continue the action;
rule succeeds;
say "Littering, really? Yknow what, fine. I'm taking away a point for that. [Behavior insult].";
decrease the score by 1;
now the noun is littered;
continue the action;
Instead of taking a smoked cigarette (called c):
if c is littered:
say "Good on you, but you're not getting that point back.";
continue the action;
continue the action.
Lighting is an action applying to one carried thing.
Instead of burning a cigarette:
say "You light the cigarette and take a relaxing drag.";
now the noun is lit;
now the printed name of the noun is "lit cigarette".
Every turn while a cigarette (called c) is lit (this is the burning cigarette rule):
decrease the burn time of c by 1;
If the burn time of c is greater than 0:
say "The cigarette[if the player has c] in your hand[else] in the room[end if] smolders";
If the burn time of c is less than 1 and c is not contained by a pack:
now c is smoked;
now c is not lit;
now the printed name of c is "cigarette butt";
say "The last few ashes of the cigarette [if the player has c]fall away[else]smolder out[end if], leaving behind a smelly butt.".
Understand "butt" as the cigarette when the cigarette is smoked.
Book 2 - The World
Chapter 1- Initial State
The player carries a dangometer that is switched off.
The player carries a pack.
Chapter 2 - Locations
[The Dungeon - starting area]
The Dungeon is a room. "You stand in a bare medieval dungeon with stone walls. Dim sunlight streams in through a set of bars in the ceiling. A simple wooden door to the south is the only exit."
The Dungeon has danger level 0.
A flask is here. "You see ye flask." The description of a flask is "A simple metal flask. It appears to be very old and dingy. Nothing appears to be inside.". The printed name of the flask is "ye flask". Understand "ye flask" as a flask. The flask is ungettable.
[The Feeding Chamber]
The Feeding Chamber is south of the dungeon. "You enter a large, dimly lit room with straw on the floor, surrounded by bar-covered passageways embedded in the wall. The cages appear to lead back into caves, as you can't see more than a few feet inside. One on the south wall is missing the bars.[line break]The straw is red with blood spots; it looks as if there's been a fight here recently".
After going to the feeding chamber for the first time:
try looking;
say "The foul stench of grues is in the air, and it doesn't help that this room is quite dim. I would be careful if I were you..".
The Feeding Chamber has danger level 1. The feeding chamber is increasingly dangerous.
Straw is scenery in the feeding chamber. It is undescribed.
A golden key is a thing in the straw. The description of the golden key is "An old-timey looking key with two large teeth. It is made of solid gold."
Instead of examining the straw for the first time:
say "You dig through the bloody straw looking for anything of value. What little light glints off of something metallic - you find a small golden key in the straw!";
now the golden key is in the feeding chamber;
increase the score by 1.
[The Cave]
The cave is south of the feeding chamber. "This passageway is almost completely dark. The stone is smoothly hewn, it must have taken a great deal of effort to make this! You can barely see flickering torchlight to the north, and [italic type]much[roman type] further down the other side, what appears to be sunlight."
Book 3 - Dumb Ways to Die
Grue Lunch is a scene. Grue Lunch begins when the danger level of the feeding chamber is greater than 10.
When Grue Lunch begins:
say "A large, smelly, foul tempered creature resembling a cross between a troll and an orc lumbers out from one of the open passageways. It sniffs the air, catches your scent, and looses a mighty roar! Before you are able to do anything else, it quickly lunges forward, chomping down on your head with a sickening [bold type]*crunch*"
end the story saying "You have been eaten by a grue."
Straw Fire is a scene. Straw fire begins when the location is the feeding chamber and dropping a lit cigarette.
When straw fire begins:
say "The cigarette you carelessly discarded starts a fire on the straw covered floor![line break]The room and its contents (including you) are quickly engulfed in a raging inferno. You've always wondered how much mental strength it would take to be able to burn to death quietly like those monks.. unfortunately you are too busy screaming to find out.";
end the story saying "You have died in a fire"
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