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Last active September 17, 2022 18:44
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#Scalar with multilines kept as multilines
this-will-print-in-multiline: | this article is so awesome
i cant stop reading it
i have fallen in love with this article
#Scalar with multilines printed as a signle line and new lines will become spaces
this-scalar-goes-straight-in-line: > this is going multiline
but it will be printed in a single
#Quoted Scalars
unicode: "Sosa did fine.\u263A"
control: "\b1998\t1999\t2000\n"
hex esc: "\x0d\x0a is \r\n"
single: '"Howdy!" he cried.'
quoted: ' # Not a ''comment''.'
tie-fighter: '|\-*-/|'
#Multi-line Flow Scalars
This unquoted scalar
spans many lines.
quoted: "So does this a quoted scalar"
x: 10
i-am-boolean: yes
no-i-am-not-a-boolean: off
boooolllleeaaaan: true
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