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Craft 3 plugins for author experience

Craft 3 plugins for better author experience

Annotated Notes: For admin notes with automatic timestamps.

Control Panel Body Classes: Add body classes to various Control Panel screens for easier styling (in combination with Control Panel CSS).

Control Panel CSS: To make style tweaks to the control panel. See web/cp.css for styles.

Control Panel Nav: Custom navigation menus for each user type, for easier navigation.

Entry Instructions: Static instruction fields for the CP.

Environment Label: Shows which environment you're in, to help authors only enter content in staging.

Expanded Singles: Remove "Singles" grouping from Entries Index sidebar.

Field Labels: I consider this developer experience, since my alternative is having more fields with specific labels/instructions, but including it just in case.

Help Links: Create a dashboard widget with custom links.

Linkit: Makes it easier for authors to add different types of links.

Readability (on probation): Text statistics to help write more readable text (haven't really tried yet).

Sidebar entry types: Add entry types under their corresponding sections in the Entries Index sidebar.

Tags: See and manage all tags in one place.

User Manual: Build out a custom user manual right in the site, using a "User Manual" structure and entries. See also:

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KatieMFritz commented Oct 25, 2019

CP field inspect

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KatieMFritz commented Oct 27, 2019

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bencroker commented Nov 11, 2019

For sites that don't get any benefit from the control panel dashboard, may I suggest the Dashboard Begone plugin.

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