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import android.content.Context;
import android.util.AttributeSet;
import android.view.ViewGroup;
import androidx.recyclerview.widget.GridLayoutManager;
import androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView;
public class AbsolutefitLayourManager extends GridLayoutManager {
// column count for orientation = HORIZONTAL
private static final int spanColumnCount = 2;
public AbsolutefitLayourManager(Context context, AttributeSet attrs, int defStyleAttr, int defStyleRes) {
super(context, attrs, defStyleAttr, defStyleRes);
public AbsolutefitLayourManager(Context context, int spanCount) {
super(context, spanCount);
public AbsolutefitLayourManager(Context context, int spanCount, int orientation, boolean reverseLayout) {
super(context, spanCount, orientation, reverseLayout);
/* Setting LayoutParams for the child views of the recycler view.*/
public RecyclerView.LayoutParams generateDefaultLayoutParams() {
return spanLayoutSize(super.generateDefaultLayoutParams());
public RecyclerView.LayoutParams generateLayoutParams(Context c, AttributeSet attrs) {
return spanLayoutSize(super.generateLayoutParams(c, attrs));
public RecyclerView.LayoutParams generateLayoutParams(ViewGroup.LayoutParams lp) {
return spanLayoutSize(super.generateLayoutParams(lp));
/* The function has been made for Horizontal Recycler View.
* 1. It checks for the orientation to be HORIZONTAL.
* 2. Its spancount has already been set to 2 in this case throught the constuctor at the initialisation time.
* i.e, layoutManager = new AbsolutefitLayourManager(this,2,GridLayoutManager.HORIZONTAL,false);
* the spancount = 2 , specifies the no. of rows for HORIZONTAL orientation
* 3. The rest of the function divides the horizontal screen width by 2 (spanColumnCount = 2 HERE) hence specyfing the column
width of each view and hence specifying 2 columns (can be made 3, by dividing by three.)
private RecyclerView.LayoutParams spanLayoutSize(RecyclerView.LayoutParams layoutParams){
if(getOrientation() == HORIZONTAL){
layoutParams.width = (int) Math.round( getHorizontalSpace() / spanColumnCount);
// its the margin between the items
// else if(getOrientation() == VERTICAL){
// layoutParams.height = (int) Math.round(getVerticalSpace() / spanCount);
// }
return layoutParams;
public boolean checkLayoutParams(RecyclerView.LayoutParams lp) {
return super.checkLayoutParams(lp);
private int getHorizontalSpace() {
return getWidth() - (getPaddingRight()) - (getPaddingLeft()) ;
private int getVerticalSpace() {
return getHeight() - getPaddingBottom() - getPaddingTop();
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