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Always hungry for more. This is a list of resources I've used or that I plan to use as a way to improve my knowledge and technical skills as a software developer.

Some of the books I'll be recommending are based on .NET. Do not be discouraged. We shouldn't strive to stick to a specific technology stack. Your ambitions and goals will evolve over time and that might lead you a completely new space. Moreover, there are lessons to be learned from an environment that's different from what you're used to.

Software Development

Functional Programming through F#, Elixir, Elm & Haskell

System Design & Software Architecture

Domain Modeling

  • Domain Modeling made functional by Scott Wlaschin (Book)

Performance Engineering

Game Development through Unity

3D modeling through Blender

Frontend Development through React.js

DevOps through Azure DevOps

Machine Learning with Python


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