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Last active Apr 1, 2021
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Presenting / Streaming notes

Personal notes on presenting and streaming.

Before starting

  • Turn off un-needed software. Especially things with notifications: Slack, Skype, Teams, etc.
  • Turn on Focus Assist
  • When sharing your desktop, consider sharing a secondary screen rather than the primary screen. Many apps will post notifications to the primary screen so this will help cut down on accidently sharing out notifications.
  • Hide desktop icons
  • Consider resolution/DPI. Remember that for streaming, people watching may be on lower resolutions; don't stream above 1080p.
  • Hide task bar. Either set auto hide, or simply crop the shared section of your screen to omit it.
  • Consider if desktop background is appropriate.
  • Increase font size, or zoom on relevant applications. Browsers, VS, VS Code, GitKraken, etc.
  • Use a separate desktop.
  • Set color themes on software and web sites that support it. Dark theme is fine for streaming, but Light theme should be used when there is a projector on a white background.
  • Hide bookmarks bar in browsers (Ctrl+Shift+B)
  • Start any demos and have them ready.
  • Mute speakers or use headphones.
  • Test microphone
  • Start needed utilities (Zoomit, OBS, Carnac, etc)
  • Check Windows Updates to see if it will be requesting a reboot. Reboot if needed.



  • Ensure opening is well rehearshed.
  • Slow down. Be concious of the rate you talk while nervous.
  • If there will be a Q/A time, have first question prepared.
  • PowerPoint likes to go into Presenter mode rather than screen duplication. This can be problematic when switching out to other software. If it is not needed, turn it off
  • PowerPoint: exit presenter mode with Escape. Restart with Shift-F5
  • Avoid motion gifs unless they add value. The extra movement can be very distracting.


  • NEVER use wifi. It is almost never stable enough, even if it is fast enough.
  • Setup countdown timer.
  • Have a clear agenda. People want to quickly know what the plan is and where we are going.
  • Work through problems outloud. Be verbose in speech.
  • Have conversations and be engaging. This is more important than getting stuff done.
  • On many meeting programs, videos may not stream as nicely for viewers.
  • Ensure stream titles, and categories are appropriately set for each target platform.
  • When screen sharing, consider using a secondary screen as many notifications will favor the primary screen.

Carnac settings

  • Popup Text Width: 350
  • Popup Opacity: 0.65
  • Popup Fade Delay: 4
  • Font Size: 20
  • Check Box for: Only keys with Modifiers
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