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Presenting / Streaming notes

Personal notes on presenting and streaming.

Before starting

  • Turn off un-needed software. Especially things with notifications: Slack, Skype, Teams, etc.
  • Turn on Focus Assist
  • When sharing your desktop, consider sharing a secondary screen rather than the primary screen. Many apps will post notifications to the primary screen so this will help cut down on accidently sharing out notifications.
  • Hide desktop icons
  • Consider resolution/DPI. Remember that for streaming, people watching may be on lower resolutions; don't stream above 1080p.
  • Hide task bar. Either set auto hide, or simply crop the shared section of your screen to omit it.
  • Consider if desktop background is appropriate.
  • Increase font size, or zoom on relevant applications. Browsers, VS, VS Code, GitKraken, etc.
  • Use a separate desktop.
  • Set color themes on software and web sites that support it. Dark theme is fine for streaming, but Light theme should be used when there is a projector on a white background.
  • Check selection color of editors to make sure selected text is still easily visible. For VS in Light theme, changing the selected color to Yellow is recommended. For Dark theme the default blue works.
  • Hide bookmarks bar in browsers (Ctrl+Shift+B)
  • Start any demos and have them ready.
  • Mute speakers or use headphones.
  • Test microphone
  • Start needed utilities (Zoomit, OBS, Carnac, etc)
  • Check Windows Updates to see if it will be requesting a reboot. Reboot if needed.



  • Ensure opening is well rehearshed.
  • Slow down. Be concious of the rate you talk while nervous.
  • If there will be a Q/A time, have first question prepared.
  • PowerPoint likes to go into Presenter mode rather than screen duplication. This can be problematic when switching out to other software. If it is not needed, turn it off
  • PowerPoint: exit presenter mode with Escape. Restart with Shift-F5
  • Avoid motion gifs unless they add value. The extra movement can be very distracting.


  • NEVER use wifi. It is almost never stable enough, even if it is fast enough.
  • Setup countdown timer.
  • Have a clear agenda. People want to quickly know what the plan is and where we are going.
  • Work through problems outloud. Be verbose in speech.
  • Have conversations and be engaging. This is more important than getting stuff done.
  • On many meeting programs, videos may not stream as nicely for viewers.
  • Ensure stream titles, and categories are appropriately set for each target platform.
  • When screen sharing, consider using a secondary screen as many notifications will favor the primary screen.

Carnac settings

  • Popup Text Width: 350
  • Popup Opacity: 0.65
  • Popup Fade Delay: 4
  • Font Size: 20
  • Check Box for: Only keys with Modifiers
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