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@KeenS KeenS/script.lisp

Last active Dec 13, 2016
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A function for shelly to load a file ignoring shebang. This is useful to write a script with Common Lisp.
(in-package :shelly)
(export (defvar *argv* nil))
(in-package :cl-user)
(defun script (file argv)
"Execute a file as script ignoring shebang"
(setf shelly:*argv* argv)
(let* ((in (open file :if-does-not-exist :error))
(first-char (read-char in))
(second-char (read-char in)))
((and (char= first-char #\#) (char= second-char #\!))
(read-line in))
(t (unread-char second-char in)
(unread-char first-char in)))
(load in)
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