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Generate static docs for a Go package
set -u
# Run a godoc server which we will scrape. Clobber the GOPATH to include
# only our dependencies.
GOPATH=$(pwd):$(pwd)/vendor godoc -http=localhost:6060 &
# Wait for the server to init
while :
curl -s "http://localhost:6060" > /dev/null
if [ $? -eq 0 ] # exit code is 0 if we connected
# Scrape the pkg directory for the API docs. Scrap lib for the CSS/JS. Ignore everything else.
# The output is dumped to the directory "localhost:6060".
wget -r -m -k -E -p -erobots=off --include-directories="/pkg,/lib" --exclude-directories="*" "http://localhost:6060/pkg/$PKG/"
# Stop the godoc server
kill -9 $DOC_PID
# Delete the old directory or else mv will put the localhost dir into
# the DOC_DIR if it already exists.
rm -rf $DOC_DIR
mv localhost\:6060 $DOC_DIR
echo "Docs can be found in $DOC_DIR"
echo "Replace /lib and /pkg in the gh-pages branch to update gh-pages"

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commented Sep 20, 2018

Since generating the docs takes some time, you'd have to curl for the full path in line #15: `curl -s "http://localhost:6060/pkg/$PKG/"


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commented Sep 21, 2018

Also you should add the fail flag to curl, to prevent continuing on a 404 page. This happens while godoc is still generating the doc pages. (Line #15 -> curl -f -s "http://localhost:6060" > /dev/null

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