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garage = Winker.devices.find{|d| == "Garage Door"}
#i dont have a garage door to check this but I think this would be the correct update to send.
#assuming position is the correct attribute and a value between 0 and 1. and 0 is closed 1 is open.
if garage.position > 0 and garage.updated_at < 10.minutes.ago #check for position and last update time
garage.update(desired_state: {position: 0})
KellyMahan / gist:3699188
Created Sep 11, 2012
What I learned today
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#something i learned today that I didn't know was possible in ruby.
array_of_long_pasted_in_strings = [<<FOO, <<BAR, <<BLATZ]
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KellyMahan / gist:1217726
Created Sep 14, 2011
I needed a queue system just like Resque but that would halt on the first error.
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# I came up with this code because I needed a queue system just like Resque but that would halt on the first error waiting for user intervention.
# It works well for what i need but I think it would be a great feature to have built into resque that could simplify what i've done.
class QueWorker
def self.start
loop do
rescue Exception => e
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def create
@timesheet =[:timesheet])
@date = @timesheet.start_date
if @timesheet.update_attributes(params[:timesheet])
flash[:notice] = 'Timesheet was successfully saved.'
redirect_to timesheets_path
redirect_to timesheets_path
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<%= form_for @timesheet do |f| %>
<% if @timesheet.errors.any? %>
<div class="error_messages">
<h2>Form is invalid</h2>
<% for message in @timesheet.errors.full_messages %>
<li><%= message %></li>
<% end %>