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Created April 27, 2020 22:43
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var config = {}
config.endpoint = 'Your CosmosDB Endpoint';
config.key = 'Your CosmosDB Key';
config.database = { id: 'TranslationsDb' };
config.container = {id: 'Languages'}
config.items = {
"id": "english",
"code": "en",
"es": "Spanish",
"en": "English",
"menus": {
"home": "Home",
"translate": "Translate"
"pageHomeTitle": "Welcome to KennedyIhe",
"pageHomeDesc": "A place to help prepare you for joining KennedyIhe",
"pageHomeStartBtn": "LET'S GET STARTED",
"pageHomeContentText": "Welcome at our place.",
"id": "spanish",
"code": "es",
"es": "Español",
"en": "Inglés",
"menus": {
"home": "Casa",
"translate": "Traducir"
"pageHomeTitle": "Bienvenido a la KennedyIhe",
"pageHomeDesc": "Un lugar para ayudarlo a prepararse para unirse a KennedyIhe",
"pageHomeStartBtn": "EMPECEMOS",
"pageHomeContentText": "Un lugar para ayudarlo.",
module.exports = config
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