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Last active February 23, 2019 07:37
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Script to Synchronize only the Sync Rules and no other object in the FIM Service MA Connector Space.
Script to update only synchronization rules.
Import-Module LithnetMiisAutomation
$MA = "FIMService"
$OldSyncRules = New-MVQuery -Attribute displayName -Operator IsPresent | Get-MVObject -ObjectType synchronizationRule
foreach($rule in $OldSyncRules)
{$void = Sync-CSObject (Get-CSObject -DN ($rule.CSMVLinks.ConnectorSpaceDN) -MA $MA) -Commit}
$NewSyncRules = Get-Disconnectors -MA $MA | ?{$_.ObjectType -eq 'SynchronizationRule'}
foreach($rule in $NewSyncRules)
{$void = Sync-CSObject (Get-CSObject -DN ($rule.DN) -MA $MA) -Commit}
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