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Allow Hello For Business on Protected Accounts by adding permissions to AdminSDHolder container.
Script to give Azure AD Connect Permission on Protected users that want to use Hello For Business in Hybrid Deployment.
Gives read/write to msDS-KeyCredentialLink and msDS-ExternalDirectoryObjectID by setting permissions on AdminSDHolder container.
$ADDomain = Get-ADDomain
$AdminSDHolder = "CN=AdminSDHolder,CN=System," + $ADDomain.DistinguishedName
$AzureADConnectUser = $ADDomain.NetBIOSName + "\" + $SyncUser
$Attributes = @("msDS-KeyCredentialLink","msDS-ExternalDirectoryObjectID")
#Add Read/Write to each Property
foreach($Attribute in $Attributes){
$cmd = "dsacls.exe '$AdminSDHolder' /G '`"$AzureADConnectUser`":RPWP;$Attribute'"
Invoke-Expression $cmd | Out-Null
#Present Resulting Permissions
$cmd = "dsacls.exe '$AdminSDHolder'"
Invoke-Expression $cmd
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