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Enable Hybrid Reporting in MIM 2016 without installing the MIMReportingAgent
Script to manually configure MIM 2016 Hybrid Reporting without installing the Agent as described in
# Step 1. Create the EventLog to store the MIM Request Events in.
New-EventLog -LogName "Identity Manager Request Log" -Source "Microsoft.IdentityManagement.Service"
# Step 2. Add hybrid reporting setting in FIMService config file. Setting hybridReportingRequestLoggingEnabled="true"
$Config = [xml] (Get-Content 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Service\Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Service.exe.config')
$hybridReportingRequestLoggingEnabled = $Config.configuration.resourceManagementService.OwnerDocument.CreateAttribute("hybridReportingRequestLoggingEnabled")
$hybridReportingRequestLoggingEnabled.Value = "true"
$void = $Config.configuration.resourceManagementService.Attributes.Append($hybridReportingRequestLoggingEnabled)
$Config.Save('C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Service\Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Service.exe.config')
# Step 3. Restart FIMService service
Restart-Service FIMService

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@bpalfaro bpalfaro commented Jan 3, 2019

After running this script, we needed to perform a restart of the MIM Service server. Our scenario required the deletion of an application log called Identity Management Team because the LogName in the gist caused a collision. Also, we ran this script as the MIM Service service account in our final state that triggered event log entries.


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@bpalfaro bpalfaro commented Jan 12, 2019

Hey Kent,

Check my fork for a dynamic build of the .config file based on the FIMService regkeys.



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@KentNordstrom KentNordstrom commented Feb 21, 2019

@bpalfaro Showed one way to get a dynamic path. Another option is something like this on line 11...
$Config = [xml] Get-Content ((Get-Process -Name Microsoft.ResourceManagment.Service).Path).config

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