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Created February 22, 2017 09:02
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Simple python script to upload file to Dropbox.
# Prerequisites :
# 1.SetUp dropbox sdk to be able to use Dropbox Api's
# $ sudo pip install dropbox
# By default python dropbox sdk is based upon the python 3.5
# 2. Create an App on dropbox console ( which will be used and validated to do
# the file upload and restore using dropbox api. Mostly you need an access token to connect to Dropbox before actual file/folder operations.
# 3. Once done with code, run the script by following command
# $ python // if python3.5 is default
import sys
import dropbox
from dropbox.files import WriteMode
from dropbox.exceptions import ApiError, AuthError
# Access token
TOKEN = '<Generated after after App creation in step 2 in Prerequisites>'
LOCALFILE = '<Path to the file to be uploaded>'
BACKUPPATH = '/<desitination filename>' # Keep the forward slash before destination filename
# Uploads contents of LOCALFILE to Dropbox
def backup():
with open(LOCALFILE, 'rb') as f:
# We use WriteMode=overwrite to make sure that the settings in the file
# are changed on upload
print("Uploading " + LOCALFILE + " to Dropbox as " + BACKUPPATH + "...")
dbx.files_upload(, BACKUPPATH, mode=WriteMode('overwrite'))
except ApiError as err:
# This checks for the specific error where a user doesn't have enough Dropbox space quota to upload this file
if (err.error.is_path() and
sys.exit("ERROR: Cannot back up; insufficient space.")
elif err.user_message_text:
# Adding few functions to check file details
def checkFileDetails():
print("Checking file details")
for entry in dbx.files_list_folder('').entries:
print("File list is : ")
# Run this script independently
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Check for an access token
if (len(TOKEN) == 0):
sys.exit("ERROR: Looks like you didn't add your access token. Open up in a text editor and paste in your token in line 14.")
# Create an instance of a Dropbox class, which can make requests to the API.
print("Creating a Dropbox object...")
dbx = dropbox.Dropbox(TOKEN)
# Check that the access token is valid
except AuthError as err:
"ERROR: Invalid access token; try re-generating an access token from the app console on the web.")
except Error as err:
sys.exit("Error while checking file details")
print("Creating backup...")
# Create a backup of the current settings file
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tested and running with python 3.6.2, thanks!

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Also works perfectly with Python 3.5.2

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Everything seems to run, except it is having trouble finding the local file:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:/Users/doug/PycharmProjects/Dropbox/d14db1e22765e8de2670b8976f3c7efb-561175ef159fb63c8330805b56336be5a5fa80bc/", line 82, in
File "C:/Users/doug/PycharmProjects/Dropbox/d14db1e22765e8de2670b8976f3c7efb-561175ef159fb63c8330805b56336be5a5fa80bc/", line 30, in backup
with open(LOCALFILE, 'rb') as f:

OSError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument: 'D:\PythonData\x0cile1.png'

Windows 10, python 3.6

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Never mine.... I figured out that the "" should be "/"

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Exception has occurred: AttributeError
'UploadWriteFailed' object has no attribute 'error'
File "/Users/Yen/AI應用/dropbox-sdk-python-master/", line 45, in backup
File "/Users/Yen/AI應用/dropbox-sdk-python-master/", line 81, in

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rob93c commented May 25, 2019

This is so easy to understand, thank you for writing this!

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chchwy commented Nov 8, 2023

This is great. I confirmed this short script works with Python 3.10 in 2023.

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