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Known Problems

Known Problems

  • Travis CI: Some problem with the Inspector can cause the tests # 121 test_widget_multipopup and # 122 test_widget_popup to hang on Travis CI and in VirtualBox VMs. Manual minimise/maximise/restore/resize fixes it. Current workaround in 55200ee.

  • Appveyor: MinGW tests fail due to lack of proper OpenGL support. Potential fix: see how Wangscape and vispy have solved this. Current workaround in d5e0ccc.

  • PPA kivy-daily - Ubuntu 16.04: python-kivy-examples package doesn't have the font DroidSansMono.ttf for demo/showcase? Label: File 'data/fonts/DroidSansMono.ttf' not found.

    • Solution: apt install kivy-examples instead of python-kivy-examples. The latter is not from the PPA.
  • CI builds (and manually run tests) can fail because one (some?) of the tests isn't deterministic.

          self.assertEqual(r.progress, 2 / 3.)
      AssertionError: 0.3333333333333333 != 0.6666666666666666
    • Much better after increasing sleep/timeout duration in 1828af3.
  • VirtualBox with enabled hardware 3D acceleration needs export KIVY_GL_BACKEND=sdl2 to run Kivy apps.

  • VirtualBox on Ubuntu 17.10 generally just fails with a X Error of failed request: BadWindow. Workaround is to disable multisampling in config.ini. See #5476.

  • VirtualBox with enabled hardware 3D acceleration: app crashes (core dump) when using ScreenManager with shader transitions.

  • VirtualBox can show a problem with the DropDown control. Cause unclear, might be related to #4031 (see last comment)? - → Solution: Problem disappeared after switching to kivy-examples, see above.

  • There's a minor texture glitch in the bottom right corner on Virtualbox Ubuntu 17.10, py2. See screenshot.

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