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Grant Liquidity Report - Overview

Grant Liquidity

Exchange Market SELL (NBT) BUY (NBT)
CCEDK NBT/BTC 295,089.0829 3,294.679053
CCEDK NBT/PPC 434,280.5676 49,524.96761
CCEDK NBT/USD 199,922.254 77.8999999
BTER NBT/BTC 383,112.785 14,811.425
Held 400,000.00 4804.425634
=== === === ===
TOTAL 1,712,404.689 72,513.39729

Original grant: 1,800,000 NBT

Total funds on-hand (sell and buy): 1,784,918.087 NBT

Estimated holdings as a percentage of original grant: 99.16%

Volume (Period 1 - 23-SEPT-2014 to 02-OCT-2014)

Exchange Market SELL (NBT) REBUY (NBT) Fees
CCEDK NBT/USD 454.75295 377.7624 1.6657
CCEDK NBT/BTC 43,116.99744 37,280.64164 160.795
CCEDK NBT/PPC 179,117.1264 119,671.9229 597.578

Estimated period sales: 314,000 NBT

Note: Parts of the BTER sales data needs to be recovered. I did not notice that they only store 24 hours of data that is accessible to an account holder. For the four days of sales data that I do have, it is SELL: 45,600.331 NBT, REBUY: 31,658.78 NBT. I have asked BTER support to try to recover it for me. 

From review of the daily sales from, BTER has not had daily volumes, other than the the first two days, that would be higher than the CCEDK report for NBT/BTC. The estimated sales amount is derived by taking the known sales from CCEDK (222,688.8738 NBT), the known sales from BTER (45,600.331 NBT), and then adding another 100% of the BTER sales (45,600.331 NBT). 

This provides that estimated value of 314,000 NBT.

Previous Reports

29-SEPT-2014 @ 17:20 GMT

27-SEPT-2014 @ 23:00 GMT

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