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List of last verb * -> noun punctuation from Debate
welcome you to the first presidential debate
sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates
drafted tonight's format
agreed to by the campaigns
divided into six segments
explore three topic areas tonight
have an open discussion
shared with the commission or the campaigns
we welcome the candidates
cover all the issues of this campaign tonight
I remind everyone
press for specifics
have this role
calling this opening segment "Achieving Prosperity
is jobs
There are two economic realities in America today
been a record six straight years of job growth
increased at a record rate after years of stagnation
is my granddaughter's second birthday
I think about this a lot
rising incomes
invest in your future
means jobs in infrastructure
come from small business
make the economy fairer
raising the national minimum wage and also guarantee
create the profits
struggling to balance family and work
earned sick days
close the corporate loopholes
facing our country
fleeing the country
going to Mexico
going to many other countries
making our product
devaluing their currency
we have a very good fight
we have a winning fight
rebuild China
doing the same thing
losing our good jobs
happening in Mexico
it's the eighth wonder of the world
building some of the biggest plants anywhere in the world
leaving Michigan
leaving Ohio
is concerned and so many other things
firing all of their people
conditioning in Indianapolis
fired 1,400 people
going to Mexico
renegotiate our trade deals
we are 5 percent of the world's population
trade with the other 95 percent
rewards work and not just financial transactions
be trickle
be the most extreme version
we grow the economy
growing the economy
rising incomes
we come at it from somewhat different perspectives
fortunate in his life
's all to his benefit
borrowed from his father
you help wealthy people
I have a different experience
He printed drapery fabrics on long tables
do for the middle class
creating 25 million jobs
bring back millions of jobs for Americans
renegotiate our trade deals
taking our jobs
giving incentives
me give you the example of Mexico
They have a VAT tax
We're on a different system
we sell into Mexico
there's a tax
there's no tax
It's a defective agreement
doing this for 30 years
me interrupt just a moment
doing this for years
created a movement
doing this for years
We wish you a lot of luck
bring them into our country without a tax
they own the companies
We had the worst financial crisis
invest in the middle class
who rooted for the housing crisis
it does collapse
make some money
lost their jobs
lost their homes
come back from that abyss
having a potentially much better economy
failed us in the first place
go into effect
have another recession
have 10 million more new jobs
grow the economy
Take clean energy
perpetrated by the Chinese
deploy a half a billion more solar panels
power every home
build a new modern electric grid
's a lot of jobs
's a lot of new economic activity
made over the last eight years
She talks about solar panels
was a disaster
I'm a great believer in all forms of energy
putting a lot of people out of work
are a disaster
losing so much in terms of energy
paying off our debt
is over 230 years' worth of debt
doubled it in a course of almost eight years
keeping our jobs
doing this for 30 years
bring back jobs
He approved NAFTA
went up for everybody
went up also in the 1990s
look at the facts
I was in the Senate
I held them all to the same test
they create jobs in America
they raise incomes in America
are they good for our national security
known as CAFTA
I look at all of these trade deals
we have in the economy
have a special prosecutor
I was secretary of state
increased American exports globally 30 percent
We increased them to China 50 percent
been a senator
signed NAFTA
's your opinion
signed in this country
approve Trans
win that debate
you did win
be almost as bad as NAFTA
You called it the gold standard of trade deals
you live in your own reality
is not the facts
be a good deal
Is it President Obama's fault
there are differences
what's good for our country
you have no plan
sustained growth
we help families balance the responsibilities at home and the responsibilities at business
we have a very robust set of plans
looked at both of our plans
lose us 3.5 million jobs
approve one of the biggest tax cuts in history
approve one of the biggest tax increases in history
are a disaster
regulate these businesses out of existence
cutting regulation
You have regulations on top of regulations
going out of business
cut regulations
cut taxes big league
raise taxes big league
move into the next segment
be a lot of these charges and claims
take a look
take a look at mine
add a penny to the debt
add $5 trillion to the debt
streamline them for small businesses
made all the gains in the economy
you go to her website
look at her website
fight ISIS
go to her website
fight ISIS on her website
achieving prosperity
talk about taxes
calling for a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans
calling for major jobs
going create tremendous jobs
expand their companies
do a tremendous job
rid of the carried interest provision
it's not a tax
It's a great thing for the middle class
put billions and billions of dollars into companies
leaving our country
them have lots of money outside of our country
get their money
approve something
's the thing
bring into our country
use on the inner cities and lots of other things
we have no leadership
defend tax increases on the wealthiest Americans
saying more crazy things
this is Secretary Clinton's two minutes
looked at your tax proposals
cause the repatriation
work to our benefit
called now the Trump loophole
Who gave it that name
building the middle class
investing in the middle class
making college debt
get their education
we need in America
is the stock market
you raise interest rates even a little bit
keeping the interest rates at this level
play golf
they raise interest rates
doing their job
released your tax returns
he owes it to and any business conflicts
I'm under a routine audit
going down to the federal elections
filed at $694 million for this past year
thinking that our country needs
ripped off by every single country in the world
thinking that our country needs
negotiating these trade deals
been under audit almost for 15 years
become a way of life
audited by the IRS
she releases her 33,000 e
release my tax returns
watching shows
reading the papers
she releases her e
admonish the audience one more time
There was an agreement
seen another example of bait
released their tax returns
you're under audit
he release his tax returns
be a couple of reasons
know all of his business dealings
he owes about $650 million to Wall Street and foreign banks
want the American people
you watching tonight
paid nothing in federal taxes
get a casino license
means zero for troops
give you the tax rate
release his tax returns
be those conflicts
using a private e
make any excuses
It was a mistake
was more than a mistake
was not a mistake
taking the Fifth
learn that much from tax returns
You learn a lot from financial disclosure
's really not a lot of money
were in question
they said in the same report
it wasn't even a bad story
give you a list of banks
give you a list of banks
I have a great company
I have a tremendous income
is not in a braggadocios way
has an idea about money
are like from a third world country
You land at LaGuardia
you land at Kennedy
you land at LAX
you land at Newark
you come in from China
you see these incredible airports
become a third world country
we're a mess
it's really a shame
caused this problem
has tremendous problems
We're a debtor nation
We're a serious debtor nation
have the money
paid any federal income tax for a lot of years
is your business
you built a lot of businesses on the backs of little guys
who designed one of your clubhouses at one of your golf courses
It's a beautiful facility
taken their labor
He provided a good middle
kept on both sides
we talk about your business
taken business bankruptcy six times
You call yourself the King of Debt
You talk about leverage
there's not a direct transfer of skills from business to government
it's all words
it's all sound bites
I built an unbelievable company
It's an unbelievable company
paid a lot
taken advantage of the laws of the nation
change the laws
been there a long time
change the laws
running a company
give you an example
get there one way
saved tremendous money
I'm a year ahead of schedule
supposed to cost
we look at the budget
is way under budget and way ahead of schedule
we're well behind schedule
move to our next segment
talking about America's direction
talking about race
been in decades
seen recently in Charlotte and Tulsa
been a big issue in this campaign
bridge a very wide and bitter gap
you heal the divide
remains a significant challenge in our country
treated in the criminal justice system
seen those two tragic examples in both Tulsa and Charlotte
do several things at the same time
restore trust between communities and the police
respected by the law
's not the case in a lot of our neighborhoods
called for criminal justice reform
we have in the criminal justice system
we face with policing
want reform
working on that as a mutual goal
do two things
restore trust
work with the police
tackle the plague of gun violence
seeing today
you have two minutes
use a couple of words
's law and order
we need law and order
have a country
going on in Charlotte
I have investments
going on throughout various parts of our country
we need law and order in our country
we have our inner cities
You walk down the street
had thousands of shootings
stop the violence
became president
bring back law and order
stop and frisk
they have guns
they shoot people
do anything
protect our inner cities
decimated by crime
It went before a judge
go forward with the case
won an appeal
are felons
you have 3,000 shootings in Chicago from January 1st
killed in Chicago by guns
have stop
You need more police
You need a better community
have good community relations in Chicago
going on in Chicago
you go to Ferguson
you go to so many different places
You need better relationships
you look at Dallas
were really a beautiful thing
we need law and order
we need law and order in the inner cities
say this at his rallies
employ so many people
provide for their kids
I believe in community policing
is down 40 percent
had 25 years of very good cooperation
ended up in jail for nonviolent offenses
you do the same thing as a young white man
address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system
say law and order
have more second chance programs
ending private prisons in the federal system
them ended in the state system
fill prison cells with young Americans
We need comprehensive background checks
do harm
buy a gun in our country
buy a gun
improve policing
go right at implicit bias
biased against black people
I feeling this way
it comes to policing
have literally fatal consequences
retraining a lot of our police officers
it's an issue
got a lot of concerns
is one of the biggest concerns
They want support
they want more training
they want more assistance
I have the endorsement of the NRA
know the truth
we had 2,200 murders
brought it down to 500 murders
is a lot of murders
terminated by current mayor
it has no impact
including murders
done an excellent job
I give credit
who live in those neighborhoods
is about race
got a quick follow
let down by our politicians
They talk good around election time
see you in four years
get votes by Democrat politicians
you look at the inner cities
left Detroit
left Philadelphia
been all over the place
stay home
's OK
meet within these communities
preparing for this debate
be president
accepted for years
you look at CNN this past week
get the birth certificate
give the birth certificate
defeating ISIS
creating jobs
having a strong border
produce the birth certificate
I did a good job
sent a reporter
take a look at CNN
bring back jobs
talking about racial healing in this segment
you say to Americans
I say nothing
I say nothing
I say nothing
you talk about healing
come to that conclusion
stand on this debate stage
asking us questions
was not an American citizen
bring into his fold
was the policy
engaging in racist behavior
is a man of great dignity
You treated him with terrible disrespect
work that way
I went into my father's company
had a real estate company in Brooklyn and Queens
it was a federal lawsuit
you bring that up a lot
you do on me in so many different ways
save the money
I settled that lawsuit with no admission of guilt
brought against many real estate firms
it's just one of those things
there is in the world
I opened a club
it's a tremendously successful club
happening every day in this country
are under cyber attack
I think cyber security
facing the next president
facing at this point two different kinds of adversaries
make money
been Russia
used cyber attacks against all kinds of organizations in our country
hack into government files
hack into personal files
wreak havoc and collect information
has much greater capacity
go after our information
engage in a different kind of warfare
defend the citizens of this country
treating it as almost a probing
hack into Americans
who served in Republican information
be the commander
you have two minutes and the same question
coming next week
be over 200 admirals
lead this country
endorsed by ICE
endorsed anybody before on immigration
endorsed by ICE
broke into the DNC
saying Russia
be Russia
be China
be lots of other people
weighs 400 pounds
who broke in to DNC
we learn with DNC
taken advantage of by your people
was Russia
was China
it was another country
We came in with the Internet
we came up with the Internet
doing with the Internet
it is a huge problem
I have a son
He has computers
He is so good with these computers
's true throughout our whole governmental society
defeat ISIS
take out ISIS in Raqqa
being a Caliphate
making progress
assisting in Iraq
squeeze them in Syria
make this the top priority
take out their leadership
I was secretary of state
taking out bin Laden
go after Baghdadi
organizing principles
defeat ISIS
You mention ISIS
commit acts of terror on American soil
prevent homegrown attacks by American citizens
say one thing
taking out ISIS
take out ISIS
they got out of Iraq
was a disaster
doing it a long time
take them out for a long time
saying for a long time
we taken the oil
taken the oil
was their primary source of income
they have the oil all over the place
I hope the fact
doing some business with him one time
leave Iraq
protected our troops
we prevent attacks
we protect our people
have an intelligence surge
looking for every scrap of information
occurred by Rahami
be an intelligence benefit
vacuum up intelligence from Europe
work more closely with our allies
turn our attention to terrorism
are Muslim majority nations
cooperating with Muslim nations and with the American Muslim community
They're on the front lines
have close working cooperation with law enforcement in these communities
pushed away as some of Donald's rhetoric
working with them for many years
it's a total mess
you started the Iran deal
choking on the sanctions
you look at NATO
asked on a major show
you think of NATO
I'm a businessperson
I have common sense
paying their fair share
paying by treaty and contract
focus on terror
I said it numerous times
opening up a major terror division
we pay approximately 73 percent of the cost of NATO
protect other people
I'm all for NATO
focus on terror
saying and my criticism of NATO
surrounding nations
knock the hell out of ISIS
took out the troops
you named the day
taking out ISIS
it was a little infant
it's in over 30 countries
supported the war in Iraq before the invasion
Wait a minute
I was against the war in Iraq
I had numerous conversations with Sean Hannity at Fox
he called me the other day
you were totally against the war
said very strongly to me and other people
I was against the war
was in favor of the war
I understand that side
they did an article in a major magazine
which had me totally against the war in Iraq
you read this article
ask the press
have arguments about the war
it's a terrible and a stupid thing
Why is your judgment
she spent hundreds of millions of dollars on an advertising
they get Madison Avenue into a room
they put names
I think my strongest asset
is my temperament
I have a winning temperament
you were totally out of control
mentioned by Donald
fight terrorism
I became secretary of state
form a bomb
mastered the nuclear fuel cycle under the Bush administration
built covert facilities
I was in the Senate
I spent a year
impose the toughest sanctions on Iran
firing a single shot
's diplomacy
there were some Iranian sailors on a ship in the waters off of Iran
who were on a nearby ship
they taunted our sailors
start another war
be commander
been about nuclear weapons
reduce the proliferation of nuclear weapons
have a good time
is the number
we face in the world
get their hands on any nuclear material
have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes
give a lot of things
I agree with her on one thing
is nuclear armament
is the single greatest threat
go down the list
we defend Japan
we defend Germany
we defend countries
losing a fortune
we lose on everything
we lose on everything
pay a fair share
Which leads to my next question
changing the nation's longstanding policy on first use
you support the current policy
saying about nuclear with Russia
she talks about various countries
updating from the new standpoint
I looked the other night
seeing B
they're old enough that your father
keeping up with other countries
do first strike
take anything off the table
you look at some of these countries
is the Iran deal
is one of their biggest trading partners
they made that horrible deal with Iran
done something with respect to Yemen and all these other places
you add other things into the deal
including $400 million in cash
It was actually $1.7 billion in cash
I guess for the hostages
looks that way
they make the right deal
made by any country in history
lead to nuclear problems
is sit back 10 years
I met with Bibi Netanyahu the other day
he's not a happy camper
you run for president
you are president
caused some questioning and worries on the part of many leaders across the globe
I think on behalf of a majority of the American people
we look at the entire global situation
we have other problems with Iran
started a war
bombed Iran
defeat ISIS
it's a secret plan
he has no plan
we talk about these issues
lead the world with strength and in accordance with our values
will further peace and prosperity
stand up to bullies
they're abroad or at home
defeat ISIS
going in the first place
it's a big problem
help all of our allies
losing billions and billions of dollars
be the policemen of the world
got no business ability
We need heart
We need a lot of things
have some basic ability
taken care of during the last 10 years
she had great power
wins this race
have the look
have the stamina
have the stamina
have the stamina
be president of this country
wait a minute
You asked me a question
you ask me a question
negotiate our trade deals
negotiates a peace deal
testifying in front of a congressional committee
talk to me about stamina
has experience
it's bad experience
got experience
it's the Iran deal
name a good deal
got experience
it's bad experience
is an inconvenience to employers
was about a woman in a beauty contest
He loves beauty contests
become a U.S. citizen
vote this November
hitting me with tremendous commercials
said in entertainment
know the truth
they're misrepresentations
It's hundreds of millions of ads
come in today
win this election
accept the outcome as the will of the voters
I support our democracy
support the outcome of this election
losing our jobs
deporting 800 people
they passed the wrong button
they pressed the wrong button
it was corruption
becoming citizens
becoming citizens
you accept the outcome of the election
's the story
concludes our debate for this evening
We covered a lot of ground
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