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An example of a class example using Python3.
#! /usr/local/bin/python3
class Dog:
#Python's constructor; setting properties similar to JS
def __init__(self, name, breed, age): = name
self.breed = breed
self.age = age
#Using self to update the name property on the newly created object
def set_name(self, name): = name
def set_breed(self, breed):
self.breed = breed
def set_age(self, name): = name
def get_name(self):
def get_breed(self):
return self.breed
def get_age(self):
return self.age
def __str__(self):
return ("%s %s %d" % (, self.breed, self.age))
# Create new dog object
myDog = Dog("Isabelle", "Golden Retriever", 2)
print(myDog) #Isabelle Golden Retriever 2
#Update my dog's name to Molly
print(myDog) #Molly Golden Retriever 2
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