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使用 Block 创建 UIGestureRecognizer
static const int target_key;
@implementation UIGestureRecognizer (Block)
+(instancetype)nvm_gestureRecognizerWithActionBlock:(NVMGestureBlock)block {
return [[self alloc]initWithActionBlock:block];
- (instancetype)initWithActionBlock:(NVMGestureBlock)block {
self = [self init];
[self addActionBlock:block];
[self addTarget:self action:@selector(invoke:)];
return self;
- (void)addActionBlock:(NVMGestureBlock)block {
if (block) {
objc_setAssociatedObject(self, &target_key, block, OBJC_ASSOCIATION_COPY_NONATOMIC);
- (void)invoke:(id)sender {
NVMGestureBlock block = objc_getAssociatedObject(self, &target_key);
if (block) {
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zhaoxiaobao commented Apr 12, 2016


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wendf commented Jul 12, 2016


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devfalme commented Dec 12, 2016

放一下.h可以吗, 自己写了以后不管怎么都不走invoke

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