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Created June 8, 2018 20:53
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#execute Summary Extractor model
ml = MonkeyLearn('insert api key here')
data = list(nlp_df_sample.iloc[:,7])
model_id = 'ex_94WD2XxD'
summary_model_results = ml.extractors.extract(model_id, data, production_model=True)
#execute Price Extractor model
data = list(nlp_df_sample.iloc[:,7])
model_id = 'ex_wNDME4vE'
price_model_results = ml.extractors.extract(model_id, data, production_model=True)
#execute Used Item Classifier model
data = list(nlp_df_sample.iloc[:,7])
model_id = 'cl_y9SLBdtB'
used_item_classifier_results = ml.classifiers.classify(model_id, data)
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