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Last active November 17, 2021 22:00
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import scrapy
import sys
class CraigslistSpider(scrapy.Spider):
name = 'craigslist'
allowed_domains = ['']
start_urls = ['']
def parse(self, response):
items_for_sale = response.xpath('//p[@class="result-info"]')
for item in items_for_sale:
title = item.xpath('.//a[@class="result-title hdrlnk"]/text()').extract_first()
date = item.xpath('.//*[@class="result-date"]/@datetime').extract_first()
link = item.xpath('.//a[@class="result-title hdrlnk"]/@href').extract_first()
price = item.xpath('.//span[@class="result-price"]/text()').extract_first()
location = item.xpath('.//span[@class="result-hood"]/text()').extract_first()
yield scrapy.Request(link,
meta={'Url': link,
'Title': title,
'Location': location,
'Date': date,
'Price': price})
next_page_url = response.xpath('//a[text()="next > "]/@href').extract_first()
if next_page_url:
yield scrapy.Request('' + next_page_url, callback=self.parse)
def parse_listing(self, response):
title = response.meta['Title']
location = response.meta['Location']
date = response.meta['Date']
link = response.meta['Url']
price = response.meta['Price']
condition = response.xpath('//*[@class="attrgroup"]/span[1]/b/text()').extract_first()
images = response.xpath('//*[@id="thumbs"]//@src').extract()
images = [image.replace('50x50c', '600x450') for image in images]
description = response.xpath('//*[@id="postingbody"]/text()').extract()
latitude = response.xpath('//*[@id="map"]/@data-latitude').extract_first()
longitude = response.xpath('//*[@id="map"]/@data-longitude').extract_first()
except Exception:
yield {'Title': title,
'Price': price,
'Location': location,
'Date': date,
'Url': link,
'Condition': condition,
'Images': images,
'Description': description,
'Latitude': latitude,
'Longitude': longitude}
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