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Created June 1, 2015 15:18
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Finding commits by SHA-1 hash on Github repos forked from a given root repo.
""" Finding commits by SHA-1 hash on Github. This is a simple
brute-force search for a specific usecase: you assume that the commit is
within all repos forked from a certain root repo within the past n days.
This may result in many calls to the GitHub API, which in turn may result
in GitHub's rate limiter kicking in and forcing you to take a break. You
have been warned.
Built with Python 3.4 and 0.9.4.
from datetime import *
from github3 import login
# your personal GitHub access token (needs no special scopes, just reading
# public stuff here), see
access_token = "INSERT_TOKEN_HERE"
sha_hash = "b90b16efe674be681c20f9bca76f82680299db66"
root_repo_owner = "rdpeng"
root_repo_name = "ProgrammingAssignment2"
age_days = 10
created_after = - timedelta(days=age_days)
gh = login(token = access_token)
root_repo = gh.repository(root_repo_owner, root_repo_name)
print("searching repos and commits younger than", created_after)
count = 0
for fork in root_repo.iter_forks():
count = count + 1
if fork.created_at > created_after:
for commit in fork.iter_commits(since=created_after):
if commit.sha == sha_hash:
print("found " + commit.sha + " in " + fork.html_url)
print(count, "repos searched")
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