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Last active June 3, 2023 21:36
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Cascaron para crear Redux Slices rápidamente
import { createSlice } from '@reduxjs/toolkit';
export const templateSlice = createSlice({
name: 'name',
initialState: {
counter: 10
reducers: {
increment: (state, /* action */ ) => {
// Redux Toolkit allows us to write "mutating" logic in reducers. It
// doesn't actually mutate the state because it uses the Immer library,
// which detects changes to a "draft state" and produces a brand new
// immutable state based off those changes
state.counter += 1;
// Action creators are generated for each case reducer function
export const { increment } = templateSlice.actions;
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Thanks, Fernando!

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Muchas Gracias Fernando

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Espectacular! 😁

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Gracias Fernando, más fácil no nos lo puedes poner.

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Siempre calidad y buenos recursos 👯‍♂️

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Gracias por las aportaciones Fernando

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FLeiras commented Sep 10, 2022

Naaa!!! genial..muchas gracias

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Djdirac commented Sep 16, 2022

Estimado, muchas gracias por snippet

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Muchas graciass Fernando

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zassory commented Sep 28, 2022

Gracias Fernando.

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Muchas gracias, me encanto esta parte.

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GaboxD7 commented Nov 6, 2022

Gracias, Profe

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a mi no m funciona??

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a mi no m funciona??
¿Còmo que no te funciona?, es un template para que lo uses a tu conveniencia

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Gracias fernando, excelente curso.

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Thank u Fernando! Excelente Curso
👍 Se merece 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 estrellas, gracias por compartir tu aprendizaje.

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Muchas gracias Fer cari!

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migue-3 commented Mar 30, 2023

el mejor profe de udemy indiscutiblemente

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Great! Thanks Fernando!

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Gracias Fernando sensei

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LuzJE commented May 29, 2023

Gracias Fernando, ya quiero acabar el curso.

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El mejor.

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Gracias Fernando!

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