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ClassNotFoundException with imported Interface
We start with an interface specification, a snippet of which is this
(ns ie4clj.api)
(definterface Inferrable
(^boolean eval [])
(^boolean evalMembers [members])
We then use that interface in a test, a snippet of which is this
(ns ie4clj.Tests
(:import (ie4clj.api Inferrable)))
(defn SimpleTrue
Inferrable <<<<<<<
(defn eval [] true)))
When that use had problems, the inteliij IDE added the import statement, so I assume that's how to use it
Now, in another file, a snippet of which is this:
(ns ie4clj.AndList
(:import (ie4clj.api Inferrable))
(defn AndList
(defn evalMembers [members]
I see the error message
Syntax error (ClassNotFoundException) compiling at (ie4clj/AndList.clj:1:1).
A question is this: why does the import work in the test file but not in the AndList file?
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