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Rust Modules
mod entities {
//This module is public to anyone outside entities
pub mod traits {
pub trait Entity {
fn id(&self) -> i32;
fn title(&self) -> &str;
//This module is private to anyone outside entities
mod people {
//We can use 'super' and 'self' to navigate through the module tree
use super::traits::Entity;
//The id and title fields on Person are only visible in the people module
pub struct Person {
id: i32,
title: String
impl Person {
pub fn new(id: i32, title: &str) -> Person {
Person {
id: id,
title: title.to_string()
impl Entity for Person {
fn id(&self) -> i32 {
fn title(&self) -> &str {
//We can re-export module members with different visibility
pub use self::people::*;
use entities::traits::*;
use entities::Person;
fn main() {
let person = Person::new(1, "Jan");
println!("{}: {}",, person.title());
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