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Last active May 17, 2018
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Android App Privacy Policy:

This is a privacy policy for apps distributed via Google Play Store on Android devices



  • Permissions
  • Data
  • Internet communication
  • Ads, In-App Purchase
  • Addendum


My apps have the least permissions that its possible to use and function, apps for phone/tablet have Marshmallow Dynamic Permissions which means you can click DENY when the permission pop-up is presented if you feel to do so. NOTE: some features may not work witout some permission.


UNLESS stated, the data gathered (if any) is kept on your device. I do not put any ads, tracking software, addons, malware, miners or any similar software onto my applications. If you are unconfortable with the app keeping your data: limit the permissions, look at the source code ( or uninstall it.

Internet communication:

My apps, unless otherwise stated, will not connect to the Internet in any shape or form, beit by HTTP, FTP, SMTP, BitTorrent or other protocol. Apps that connect to the Internet are: HTTP Wear Commaner, Wear Slides, taskwarrior widget, nSpeed, CamControl, Bitcoin TILE.

Ads, In-App Purchase

There are NO ADS in ANY of my applications and there WILL never be. Some apps are paid. Ads can track users so I choose not to show any ads in my applications.


The apps are open source and hosted here: Any doubts:

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