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shssoichiro /
Last active Jun 10, 2022
aomenc settings (Updated 2022-02-28)

Current aomenc recommended settings for sharpness and detail retention:

--cpu-used=4 --cq-level=16 --end-usage=q --lag-in-frames=48 --enable-fwd-kf=1 --aq-mode=1 --deltaq-mode=1 --enable-chroma-deltaq=1 --quant-b-adapt=1 --enable-qm=1 --min-q=1 --enable-keyframe-filtering=0 --arnr-strength=1 --sharpness=2 --enable-dnl-denoising=0 --disable-trellis-quant=0 --threads=64

General CQ guidelines:

  • 40: Youtube quality
  • 30: Watchable, fine for streaming or lower bitrate encodes
  • 20: Good quality
wrabit / _bootstrap_bulma_helpers.scss
Last active Sep 8, 2020
Bootstrap style responsive helper utilities for Bulma
View _bootstrap_bulma_helpers.scss
Start Bootstrap style responsive spacer helper
Utilities for spacing, text and float
$spacer: 1rem !default;
$spacers: () !default;
$spacers: map-merge((