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Getting Camera Roll with Photos.framework
PHFetchResult *result = [PHAssetCollection fetchAssetCollectionsWithType:PHAssetCollectionTypeSmartAlbum
PHAssetCollection *assetCollection = result.firstObject;
NSLog(@"%@", assetCollection.localizedTitle);
// Camera Roll
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mashers commented Apr 13, 2017

Thank you for this. Something which should be so simple ended up being utterly obtuse, but this worked perfectly.

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dodikk commented May 19, 2017

I'm getting a assetCollection == nil on iPad mini iOS 10.3.1

(lldb) po query
<PHUnauthorizedFetchResult: 0x170135c20> count=0
    private static func getCameraRollAlbum() -> PHAssetCollection?
        let query = PHAssetCollection.fetchAssetCollections(with: .smartAlbum,
                                                         subtype: .smartAlbumUserLibrary,
                                                         options: nil)
        let result: PHAssetCollection? = query.firstObject
        print("[nmessenger] [debug] camera roll name" + (result?.localizedTitle ?? ""))
        return result

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Abhishek9634 commented Jun 25, 2017

Hello Is there any way to get all albums ?

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johnmurphy01 commented Oct 6, 2017

If iCloud is turned on, Camera Roll is not returned by this method. It instead returns All Photos. Is there any way to get Camera Roll asset collection when iCloud is turned on?

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akultomar17 commented Feb 3, 2018

pretty late for @dodikk I guess but anyone else getting assetCollection == nil needs to add permissions in their info.plist

<string>My description about why I need this capability</string>
<string>This app requires access to the photo library.</string>

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