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GSoC 2018

GSoC 2018

Juan Pardo

Field Details
Student Juan Nicolas Pardo
Github @Kreijstal
Organisation FOSSASIA
Project Open Event
Technology Android, Flask, Ember JS


The goals for this summer were :

  1. to make the next generation of open event similar to the first version of it
  2. to implement the event wizard, the sales frontend and on the pagination
  3. migrate the database.

Open Event

This GSoC, I worked on Open Event Frontend and on Open Event Server where we created the ecosystem for the Open Event Web Services. The app is for meant for event organizers and I worked on the following functionalities during the coding period in GSoC -

  • Migration of the database from version 1 to version 2
  • I worked on the frontpage of open-event using ember js
  • I worked on converting the the drupal database of some web pages to wordpress
  • Listing all the Orders for Events
  • Edit the Content Security Policy headers, allowing it to view the website with different domains
  • Exported the database from google cloud server
  • Fixed issues with the conversion from python2.7 to python 3
  • I worked on the orders Statistics, Event Statistics backend and frontend
  • Worked on fixing many ember models to adapt them to the flask models that were on the API
  • Worked on the Apiary blueprint
  • The abstractions for ease in testing
  • Worked on the docker-compose of the open-event
  • I also worked on documenting a pagination bug

My project consisted on making some things more efficiently in the administration and implementation of open-event, I did work on open-event and I did help marginally on automatizing things, I did work hard for open-event, and I am proud of what I did.

GSoC Project Link

Github Repo



My Contributions

Open Event Frontend

Open Event Server

Additional Links

Project Presentation
Project Screencast
Blog Posts
Project Tweets
Daily Scrum Reports

Events organized to promote Open Source development with FOSSASIA:

  • Workshop during Phase 1 : here
  • Meetup during Phase 2 : here
  • Workshop during Phase 3 : here
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