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Workaround for XCTContext.runActivity on AppCode.
import _SwiftXCTestOverlayShims
public extension XCTContext {
// XXX: This is for AppCode. The original of runActivity have been failed on only AppCode.
// This cause is __XCTContextShouldStartActivity, it returns true when it is called on Xcode, but not on AppCode.
public class func runActivityPatched<Result>(named name: String, block: (XCTActivity) throws -> Result) rethrows -> Result {
let context = _XCTContextCurrent()
return try autoreleasepool {
let activity = _XCTContextWillStartActivity(context, name, XCTActivityTypeUserCreated)
defer {
_XCTContextDidFinishActivity(context, activity)
return try block(activity)
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