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Almost done Rebooting

Faruk Ateş (Supernova) KuraFire

Almost done Rebooting
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KuraFire / remove-parameter-on-page-ready.js
Last active August 11, 2021 20:38
Remove a query parameter from the URL (e.g. fbclid) and replace the history with the cleaner URL
// Using jQuery
// Remove fbclid
function removeParam(parameter) {
let params = new URLSearchParams(;
let urlParts = document.location.href.split('?');
let newUrl;
globalTodoList {
items {
edges {
node {
KuraFire / i-pledge-to-be-better
Last active December 25, 2015 15:59
A pledge for people who want to make a statement about making our industry better.
# I Pledge To Be Better
I want our industry to be a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for everyone, regardless of
their gender, abilities, skin color, sexual orientation, age, class, neuro-diversity or any other attribute.
I acknowledge that this is not currently the case, and will do my best, to the extent that I can
afford to dedicate to this, to help make ours a better community and industry.
I value the diversity of perspectives that people with different backgrounds bring to the table.
I will call out exclusionary practices, behaviors or cultures and see how, together, we can perhaps
reshape them to be inclusive and supportive instead.
KuraFire / Alternative CoC (diff).md
Last active December 18, 2015 01:09
Copy-pasted old gist by unconed, then edited version by me, for online-accessible diffing purposes.
KuraFire / Alternate
Last active December 18, 2015 01:08 — forked from unconed/gist:5700874
KuraFire / rgbaa.scss
Created September 13, 2012 21:18
More dynamic, oldIE-compatible SCSS function for rgba
@function rgbaa($args...) {
// rgbaa(#FFF, .5)
@if length($args) == 2 {
$hex: nth($args, 1);
$alpha: nth($args, 2);
@if $oldIE == 1 {
@return rgb(red($hex), green($hex), blue($hex));
} @else {
@return rgba(red($hex), green($hex), blue($hex), $alpha);
tests['backgroundsize'] = function() {
set_css('background-size: contain');
return contains(m_style['backgroundSize'], 'contain');