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Taking a break from OSS

Alexey Kureev Kureev

Taking a break from OSS
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DmitrySoshnikov / LL1-parser-first-follow-sets.js
Last active Oct 16, 2020
LL(1) Parser. Parsing table, part 1: First and Follow sets.
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* LL(1) parser. Building parsing table, part 1: First and Follow sets.
* NOTICE: see full implementation in the Syntax tool, here:
* by Dmitry Soshnikov <>
* MIT Style License
* An LL(1)-parser is a top-down, fast predictive non-recursive parser,
aozturk / HashMap.h
Last active Jan 9, 2021
Basic Hash Map (Hash Table) implementation in C++
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// Hash map class template
template <typename K, typename V, typename F = KeyHash<K>>
class HashMap {
HashMap() {
// construct zero initialized hash table of size
table = new HashNode<K, V> *[TABLE_SIZE]();
~HashMap() {
avar /
Last active Jul 22, 2020
Calculate your income in The Netherlands with and without a 30% ruling.
# To check if this is up-to-date with the tax rates go to
# and see if there's anything
# newer there.
# I make no guarantees that any of this is correct. I calculated this
# at the time and have been updating it when new tax rates come along
# because people keep finding this useful.
# There's also an interactive JS version of this created by
# @stevermeister at