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Custom tooltip for nvd3
// custom tooltip example
chart.tooltip.contentGenerator(function (obj) {
var format = d3.format(",d");
return '<table><thead><tr><td class=x-value colspan=3><h1 class=tooltip>' + + '</h1></td></tr></thead>' +
'<tbody><tr><td class=key>Impact Factor:</td><td class=value>' + + '</td></tr>' +
'<tr><td class=key>Citations:</td><td class=value>' + format( + '</td></tr>' +
'<tr><td class=key>Funding:</td><td class=value>$' + format( + '</td></tr>' +

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@Kyeongan Kyeongan commented Jun 28, 2016

an example of custom tooltip
screen shot 2016-06-28 at 11 16 14 am


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@nhdong1505 nhdong1505 commented Mar 21, 2019


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