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Ranger Setup

Ranger mac setup:

  • brew install ranger
  • ranger --copy-config=all
  • vim ~/.config/ranger/rc.conf
    • preview_image false --> true

Other Tools:

  • brew install w3m
  • brew install lynx
  • brew install highlight
  • brew install atool
  • brew install mediainfo
  • pdftotext get with brew install xpdf
  • img2txt get with 'brew install libcaca imlib2` Note This will only work for bmp files with brew build...

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@KyleJamesWalker KyleJamesWalker commented Apr 25, 2014


sudo apt-get install ranger w3m lynx highlight atool mediainfo xpdf caca-utils
ranger --copy-config=all
vim ~/.config/ranger/
    preview_images = True

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