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mGalarnyk / Neural
Created June 29, 2017 21:15
Machine Learning (Stanford) Coursera Neural Networks: Representation Quiz (Week 4, Quiz 1) for the github repo:
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Machine Learning Week 4 Quiz 1 (Neural Networks: Representation) Stanford Coursera

Github repo for the Course: Stanford Machine Learning (Coursera)
Quiz Needs to be viewed here at the repo (because the image solutions cant be viewed as part of a gist)

Question 1

True or False | Statement | Explanation

iros /
Created August 22, 2012 14:42
Documenting your REST API


<Additional information about your API call. Try to use verbs that match both request type (fetching vs modifying) and plurality (one vs multiple).>

  • URL

    <The URL Structure (path only, no root url)>

  • Method:

geoffalday /
Created March 12, 2012 12:28
How to generate a secret key with Python
# How to generate a secret key with Python
# via
import os