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Created December 26, 2019 22:37
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Clean Architecture
package views
import (
log ""
pkg ""
type ErrView struct {
Message string `json:"message"`
Status int `json:"status"`
var (
ErrMethodNotAllowed = errors.New("Error: Method is not allowed")
ErrInvalidToken = errors.New("Error: Invalid Authorization token")
ErrUserExists = errors.New("User already exists")
var ErrHTTPStatusMap = map[string]int{
pkg.ErrNotFound.Error(): http.StatusNotFound,
pkg.ErrInvalidSlug.Error(): http.StatusBadRequest,
pkg.ErrExists.Error(): http.StatusConflict,
pkg.ErrNoContent.Error(): http.StatusNotFound,
pkg.ErrDatabase.Error(): http.StatusInternalServerError,
pkg.ErrUnauthorized.Error(): http.StatusUnauthorized,
pkg.ErrForbidden.Error(): http.StatusForbidden,
ErrMethodNotAllowed.Error(): http.StatusMethodNotAllowed,
ErrInvalidToken.Error(): http.StatusBadRequest,
ErrUserExists.Error(): http.StatusConflict,
func Wrap(err error, w http.ResponseWriter) {
msg := err.Error()
code := ErrHTTPStatusMap[msg]
// If error code is not found
// like a default case
if code == 0 {
code = http.StatusInternalServerError
errView := ErrView{
Message: msg,
Status: code,
"message": msg,
"code": code,
}).Error("Error occurred")
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